A Full Guide for Choosing and Buying Wedding Flowers

One of the items that stand out the most in the wedding decoration are the flowers. And among so many wedding flower options, it may be difficult to choose the perfect flower for your decor. So we’ve separated some simple tips for you to choose the perfect wedding flowers for the big day!

See tips for choosing your wedding flowers and get inspired with the flower suggestions for your wedding.

How to choose flowers for wedding?

  • The choice of wedding flowers will depend on several factors. Check out below some of the first steps to start fetching the perfect flower for wedding decoration!
  • Choose a florist that thinks outside the box, so you can relax in the knowledge that the flowers will be taken care of, arrangements installed the day before, and bouquets and buttonholes delivered to the right place on the morning of the wedding, so the Best Man won’t be wearing the Bride’s Mother’s corsage!
  • Try to choose more than one kind of flower, so that the decorator can explore between textures and arrangements. Having two or more flowers will leave your wedding decor more rich and varied.
  • A flower extremely famous for being contrast of other flowers is the gypsophila, or mosquito. It looks beautiful with any type of flower, and offers the full decor feel for any wedding!
  • Another benefit of choosing various types of flowers is that you can invest in more noble flowers and mix them with the most affordable flowers. This format works perfectly well.
  • When you have the venue booked and date confirmed check availability with Feehilys. Certain dates will be busier than others, so make sure you have your name put down first. If your wedding date falls around a florist’s busier times, Christmas, Valentines, Mother’s Day or Easter be careful as any florist is more limited with what they can take on.
  • The time of year of your wedding, your dress and the bridesmaid’s dresses are the starting point for choosing your flowers. Once you’ve chosen these, book a consultation with one of our expert florists who will guide you through the style and look that best suits you.
  • Bring a photograph of your dress and if possible a sample of the fabric for the bridesmaid dresses to your consultation. The style of your wedding dress will help decide the style of your bridal bouquet. For Feehilys, your bridal bouquet is an accessory to your wedding dress, both style and mood need to work together.

Set your budget

First things first, setting the budget for your wedding flowers. Couples typically spend around 3% of their wedding funds on their wedding flowers and decorations combined, so be mindful when choosing your blooms. If you need help keeping track of your wedding expenses, use the Budget Planner tool – it’ll save you from overspending and give you £ estimates for each part of your wedding.

Flowers for Wedding Day

For a daytime wedding, prefer flowers in lighter and more colorful tones as well, because they match perfectly with daytime weddings. If the flowers are exposed to the sun, always prefer the species more resistant to heat.
Flowers for Wedding at night

For night weddings, naturally resistant flowers are preferable, such as roses and tulips, for example. Other options very indicated are the orchids and lilies.

Most Popular Wedding Flowers


Roses are one of the most classic wedding flowers. Besides being a symbol of love and affection, the beautiful flowers are still found in several colors and have an unmistakable perfume.


The lilies signify mainly delicacy and eternal love, and for this reason it is much used in the decoration of marriage. They are beautiful flowers that combine with more noble decorations, being more common in colors of yellow and white.


Tulips are known to be noble and very sophisticated, but they are not expensive at all. Tulips are found in various colors, and therefore are much chosen by the bride and groom. The only warning is about its fragility to the heat: prefer this flower in mild times.


Peonies are the new darlings among brides. With a price above average, the beautiful flowers are found in bright colors and very feminine. The peony flowers are delicate and fragile regarding temperature, so finding these flowers can be challenging. But its beauty and delicacy are worth it!


Orchids are the touch of charm that was lacking in your decor! They have a more versatile style, and so can match all wedding styles. This is also due to the diversity of colors we can find – there are many possibilities for orchid decoration.

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