7 Ideas For The Best Car Trip To Ferrara And Ravenna!

7 Ideas For The Best Car Trip To Ferrara And Ravenna!

Italian adventures are waiting for you!

Find out what places are worth to be seen. Read some info about planning your route to Italy and the Best Car Trip To Ferrara And Ravenna!.




See how the kings lived in a luxury Palazzo dei Diamanti!

The castle is a good example of Renaissance architecture with beautiful decorations. Imagine yourself a ruler with a gold crown!

Start your trip from Museo Archeologico Nazionale

The main goal of the museum is to discover the ancient life of the city known as Spina. The city existed between the 6th and the 3rd century BC.

A collection of the artifacts is amazing. It consists of 400 tombs and other items like jewels, furniture, gold.

Your attention can be caught by the neo Renaissance garden which is made in the form of labyrinth.

GPS: Latitude : 44.82743, Longitude : 11.62734

Location: Via XX settembre, 122, Ferrara, Italy

Distance from the Bologna Marconi airport: 50,8km

Gas consumed: 3.8L

Parking: available

The next destination is Ferrara Balloons Festivalravenna wallpaper

Amazing festival takes place in Parco Urbano G. Bassani at the end of September. The festival is the one of the biggest of its kind in Europe.

The first flight was made 10 years ago. On the time of the festival you can see many open air shows and entertainments.

Take part in sports and cultural activities with fun. Do not hesitate and get on the board of balloon! One flight costs 120 Euro, and it will be the most exciting flight in your life.

GPS: Latitude : 44.8502, Longitude : 11.622492

Location: Via Riccardo Bacchelli, Ferrara

Distance from the previous point: 5.9km

Gas consumed: 0,4L

Parking: available

Let’s set off to Castello estense di Mesola

The luxury castle was constructed in the 16th century. Di Alfonso II d’Este built this castle to entertain his guests with the opportunity for hunting.

It has 4 towers at the corners surrounded by arcaded buildings.

On the second floor you will find the Wood and Deer Museum. The first floor has items from the life of the owner.

Also the exhibition shows valuable apartments with frescoed ceilings and paintings.

GPS: Latitude : 44.838195, Longitude : 11.627032

Location: Mesola – Piazza Santo Spirito, Ferrara, Italy

Distance from the previous point: 3.2km

Gas consumed: 0,2L

Parking: available


Visit marvelous Ravenna Festival, which is a show of classical music. Listen to orchestras and watch great performances. Spend time with pleasure!

The first point is Village Camping Adria

It’s not just a nice open air place to rest at! Many games, interesting shows, performances, and sport activities are specially prepared here for all ages.

What is more, here you can use 2 swimming pools with great designs. There are 2 beach zones perfect for lying in the sun or playing volley ball. This is also a great place to have a walk.

GPS: Latitude : 44.5531, Longitude : 12.279972

Location: Villaggio Camping Adria, Via Spallazzi, 30 – 48123, Casalborsetti (Ravenna)

Distance from the previous point: 72km

Gas consumed: 5.4L

Parking: available

Now let’s visit Basilica di Sant’Apollinare Nuovo

It dates back to the 6th century and honors the patron of Ravenna.

The basilica includes 58 windows. 13 small mosaics are retelling about Jesus and his miracles. Other mosaics depict saints.

You can see a marble portico of the 16th century near the entrance. A round bell tower belongs to the 10th century.

This amazing basilica is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List as a fantastic example of European culture.

GPS: Latitude : 44.416777, Longitude : 12.204919

Location: Via di Roma, 52, 48020 Ravenna

Distance from the previous point: 21.5km

Gas consumed: 1.6L

Parking: available

The next location can be Mirabilandia

Are you ready for the most exciting day in your life?

The world of amusement is waiting for you! Get on the board of the highest water attraction of our planet – Divertical. Are you afraid of speed or height? If not then try iSpeed attraction.

What about shooting? Do you want to show all your skills? Try Reset game! Amazing musical, magical, dancing shows with different performances and stunts are all here.

GPS: Latitude : 44.291178, Longitude : 12.186145

Location: SS 16 Adriatica Km 162, 48125 Ravenna, Italy

Distance from the previous point: 15.7km

Gas consumed: 1.2L

Parking: available

And now – to Kartodromo Happy Valley

Do you like speed rides? Have you got a driving license?

Do not worry, a super karting allows you to drive as fast as you can without any documents!

You can get a chance to experience modern go-kart track. It is designed in such a way that beginners and more skilled drivers will have fun and extreme.

The kart works from March to October. There are available different karts like Baby Kart, Young Kart and the Honda engine 200 is for adults and professionals.

GPS: Latitude : 44.314645,  Longitude : 12.288159

Location: S.S Romea sud, 74, 48015 Ravenna, Italy

Distance from the previous point: 12.5km

Gas consumed: 0.9L

Parking: available

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