What Are Height Shoes & How to look taller From Height Shoes

How Can Short Men Benefit From Height Shoes


Some men who are below average height might suffer from lack of confidence and low self-esteem. The main reason for this is the behavior of society, who always tend to give more attention to people who are tall.


how to look tallerFlat-footed people were very un-comfortable wearing regular shoes – soft soles were placed inside the shoes to make these shoes more comfortable for such people. This innovative technique was then incorporated in making shoes for shorter people. These shoes are more popular with men than women because shorter women can always resort to high-heels shoes and footwear which they can flaunt openly.


– I already have a shoe with thicker soles which elevates by height by 1 to 1 ½ inches.


Most men are not even aware of the existence of height shoes and could be seen wearing shoes with thick outer soles. These shoes might help you gain an inch, but they can be very uncomfortable and look awkward. The right height shoes can increase your height by several inches.


How to look taller-Height shoes can help you appear taller without anyone discovering. These shoes look like regular shoes, but can invisibly increase your height by a good 2 to 5 inches. How? The secret lies in the in-soles and the outer-soles of these shoes. It is the easiest way to become taller.


– Choosing the right size


We have already mentioned that, elevator shoes for men look the same as regular shoes; only that it will help you increase your height by a few inches. You don’t have to ponder a lot or do a good deal of math to choose the perfect pair of height shoes for you. We advice you to choose the same shoe size that you are currently using. If you are currently wearing a US 9, then you should select an US 9 height shoe.


According to a study, nearly 6 out of 10 people in the world are wearing shoes that are not their actual size. If you are not sure about your exact shoe size, you can figure it out yourself.


1. Place your foot on a sheet of paper which is placed on a firm and even surface like tiles or wooden floor (avoid placing your foot on carpeted floor).


2. Now draw the outline of your foot.


3. Your shoe size can be easily found by measuring the length and width of the outline of your foot on the paper.


– Can I use the in-soles in my regular shoes?


It will not work. Regular shoes are not meant to hold these insoles and furthermore it will be very uncomfortable for you. Height shoes along with the inner-mold/soles are specially engineered by technicians to perfectly fit your foot as well as make them very comfortable for you. In fact many height shoe users say that, these height shoes are more cushy and pleasing to wear when compared to regular shoes.


Finally, don’t be shy. Many celebrities like Tom Cruise have slipped their feet into height shoes and carried themselves about confidently before the whole world.



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