Guide to Performing and Visual Arts Colleges

Guide to Performing and Visual Arts Colleges

Originally posted on March 25, 2020 @ 8:24 am

Auditions are a scary process. You are showing the professionals what you’ve got, it’s either make or break. You can rehearse until your feet bleed and your voice is sore however it is not always technicality that will blow the auditors away. There are many other things you need to consider in preparation for an audition for a college of performing and visual arts colleges, after all you must remember that you want to go to college to hone your skills so you are not going to be perfect. The most important things include showing your potential and strength of character. Follow these top tips to help you feel ready not only physically, but mentally and emotionally.

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1.. Be yourself

What might be the most obvious advice you could receive is not always the easiest to adopt. Many people enter an audition claiming to be the next Darcey Bussell or Barbara Streisand however judges will be able to see straight through it. Honour your own creativity and perform how you feel is right, do not try to imitate others. Performers will interpret pieces in their own way which is exactly what makes them special. So be proud of who you are, even if it means showing your weaknesses and vulnerabilities, it is all a part of you. Also wear something that shows off your personality, judges want to see who you really are.

2.. Be confident

When you walk onto that stage you should exude confidence. If you show you believe in yourself then the panel will believe in you too. Be careful: do not confuse with arrogance as judges will not appreciate a cocky auditionee. The best way to fool yourself into feeling confident is by taking a deep breath, pulling your shoulders back, smiling and saying to yourself “I am good at what I do and I deserve to be here”, even if you say it in your head.

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3.. Keep a straight face

Throughout your audition, smile and maintain a calm and easy demeanour. This might go against the first point of being yourself but you will gain more respect by remaining neutral. If you think you do badly, you probably haven’t but by pulling an upset or angry face, it makes the auditioners think you did badly. You want them to think that doing well is the norm for you. In addition to this, you should make eye contact throughout your audition, not only does this show your confidence but also will help to make you memorable in their minds.

4.. Be organised

Show that you have well prepared for the audition and that you care about it. Carry a folder with your CV and photos, even if you have little previous experience. This shows maturity and responsibility-exactly the sort of people that the judges will want to enrol at a college of performing arts.

Summary: Don’t shy away from your audition for a college of performing arts, be bold and shine! Follow these tips to get your head in the game and you are sure to have a successful performance.

Author bio: Lucinda Bell is the director of arts for a top college of performing arts following a successful career as a casting agent. Her long history of holding auditions means she now holds classes to teach young people how to handle the nerve wracking audition process.

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