Pick The Best Candle For your Valentine

Best Candle For your Valentine


Beautiful window overlooking the deep blue sea, red roses spread over the sheets, a bottle of Champagne with couple of flutes on the table, slow romantic music in all corners of the room feels like an amazing atmosphere but the most important aspect is still pending. Something without which is everything can look but not perfect , without which touch can be soothing but not magical, something that creates an aura like nothing else .



Pick The Best Candle


“Candles” , an ornament of all sort of occasions, be it a happy wedding or a sad funeral , candles are always there. But since we are in the mood of a romantic affair at the moment flowing from above paragraph, these dim lights are absolute necessity for such an experience.


Romantic Candle Shapes

Undoubtedly, romantic candles are available in almost every shapes in sizes in the market. Depending on the settings and the method in which the candles are used contribute more to your romantic moments than the shape or size of the candles. There are some shapes and sizes that generally stand out for your perfect occasion:

  • The Heart shaped candles

  • Rose or flower shaped candles

  • Lip shaped candles

  • Taper candles

  • Round candles

Romantic Candle Colors:

Colors can also affect a person’s mood and has been scientifically studied, this is also known as psychology of colors. The colors that stand out for romantic candles include:

  • Red- As we know that the shades of red are the symbol of romance, vitality and love. Red is also the most common color associated with the hearts and not to forget the roses!! These are undoubtedly the most significant symbols of romance. For example, the rose scented love pillar candles.

  • Pink- Pink color is made by adding a tinge of white, Pink is generally associated with the young, innocent or the new love.

  • Purple- Purple is the color of royalty also represents a touch of passion and creativity, while spending time with your beloved.

  • White- It is the color that represents the innocence and purity. White is generally associated with the weddings and the natural beauty.

Scented Candles

Scented candles Helps provoking your emotion and memories. There are few smells that can really trigger the strong emotional responses when compared to the pleasant memories of comfort dines, romantic  locations and the life experiences.

However, Romantic Bedroom candles are just a perfect piece for the enhancement for a bedroom setting.

Certain scents that stand out are:

  • Chocolate


Even though it might make few to crave a sweet meal, the chocolate scented candles can prove to be a tempting selection for filling a room with a lavish burst of sensuous aroma. The chocolate scents are generally combined with other scents in order to create the special indoor candles that may remind you of your favorite treats; for example Mint chocolate is quite a famous option.


  • Fresh Laundry

The best part of doing the errand is pulling the clothes out of the dryer and inhaling in the smell of the freshly laundered clothes. To bring that newflanged, clean scent into the home, there are a number of fresh laundry and linen scented candles available from some of the Various yet best scented candles companies.

  • Lavender Scented Candles

This particular scent for candles can be considered to be the freshest one and yet the most versatile one. Best known for the aromatherapy circles for its calming effects. Lavender is generally paired with other scents, such as florals, vanilla and even lemon. Though there are a number of choices available for one’s pleasure.


  • Rose Scented Indoor Candles

As we all know that roses are the only symbol of love and affection and rose scented candles can be considered as the perfect ornament to one’s romantic evening. These candles are not offered with the other scents but some can be a bit milder than other.

  • Other Exotic Scented Candles


Often, there are people who are stimulated by the exotic scents of the candles that might be helpful to evoke the memories of the romantic fantasies of gateways which may be yet to come. The scents here may include:

  • Pineapple

  • Coconut

  • Sandalwood

  • Amber

  • Patchouli


How to Use Candles for Romantic Meals

Candles can be considered as the ornaments and they do make beautiful centrepieces. For the dining tables, whether going for a romantic dinner, brunch or even a going on a picnic shared somewhere on a blanket. The Long Taper candles are generally used for the formal settings and undoubtedly adds grace and elegance to the table you want to set on. You can use just one or two candles with the petals of fresh flowers or roses scattered among the table look a simple yet sassy one.


So, here are a few more articles ideas:

  • Floating candles in a glass bowl with water

  • Fill a cocktail glass with colored glass beads and place a candle in the middle.

  • Place the candles in groups in varying heights.

  • Place small candles randomly  all over the table.


How to Create a Romantic Setting with Candles?

One can use candles in order to create a warm, tempting atmosphere at home when all you want is to spend a quality and romantic time with your beloved. We are providing you with some mood enhancing tips:

  • Turn the light off or the fixtures and the floor lamps. Keep one or two accents lights on and brighten up your home with candles. You can also use the candles in jars made of glass, candle holders or even the candle lanterns in order to avoid excessive wax leaks.

  • You can also create a path of candlelight that may leads straight from the entryway to the dining room. You can also add rose petals to the candle-lit path to add a little more effect.

Also, you can also add to the ambiance by making a list of your favorite love songs  to be played in the background.


Simple Romance

A single candle is good sufficient in order to add a touch of romance to an ordinary setting. When love is in the air, everything seems to a bit brighter, tastes sweeter and feels like you are on the cloud 9!


Which candle scent or color you would like go for, or  which one if your favorite? Tell us by writing down to us in the space mentioned below.

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