How To Pick An Ideal Handbag

Are you hunting for a new and trendy hand bags? Designer handbags have always been seen as a woman’s pride. Exclusive, graceful and elegant handbags add to the style quotient. The fashion pageant of handbags ranges from clutches to totes, shoulder bags or satchel. Here are some tips which would definitely help you in choosing the perfect and the best one for you…!!

Apart from necessity, handbags are mull over as a fashion statement these days. One thing, without which women can’t leave the house, is a handbag. Handbags come in a variety of shape, size, color, patterns and so you don’t need to stick on one single bag. You can pick different handbags for different outfits. But picking up an ideal handbag is not an easy task.You necessitate to take charge of a miscellany of things before answering that.

Affairs to think of while  selecting handbags for everyday use

What all you need to put inside?

 Ideal Handbag

Yes, the first and the foremost thing you need to ask yourself is, what all are your requirements to put within a handbag? This is one of the most significant measures for taking a handbag.

  • If you have just 2-3 items, then purchasing a big handbag is not worth, as it will remain empty. Choose a good hand purse or clutch purses in such situation.
  • If you are hunting for a bag, to take in a meeting or so, make certain you select a handbag that can fit in your files and booklets.
  • If you are going somewhere for a couple of hours only, then handmade bags are also good and elegant choices.
  • For shopping small bags are safer options, as afterward you have carry bags to take on.

So, while selecting the handbag, place of visit and quantity of belongings you need to carry is considered as of utmost importance.

Mull over your physicality

A handbag comes in a mixture of configuration and sizes. Depending upon your own physique, you must choose your option.

  • For the plum shaped woman, a bag up to her waist is significant. If you choose the one with long belts which will come near the bottom and that will make you look unevenly fat.
  • For the thin and short women, you can’t pick very big or over-sized bags. Else, that will make you look over-stuffed.
  • Tall girls have an advantage, as all the sorts of handbags suit well on the. But for more uniqueness go for long belt leather bags, as it will enlarge your persona.
  • For over-size women, small bags are a good choice, as the extra stuffed bag will make you look over stuffed.

The color of the handbag:

Yes, this point also considers an inimitable importance, while selecting the handbag. When you go out for some party or meeting, gathering, or any other function, you tend to take care of your outfit. In the same manner, you need to match your handbag with your attire and other accessories.

  • On dark-colored outfits, black color serves the best.
  • On cool color shade outfits, you can opt for light and sober colors.
  • For an outfit having embroidery or beads work, tradition handbags are ideal choice.
  • Red, yellow or maroon color Handbags go well with ethnic wear.

If you are not sure about your wardrobe, then neutral color handbags are perfect choice as they go well with all the outfits.

Handbags for daily use:

If you are hunting for handbags to use on a daily basis, so you need to determine its quality. The one which is really cheap, when comes to the price are usually low on quality. Try to opt for darker and washable bags if you are using them daily. As dark colors do not get soiled easily and if it is washable then you can preserve its cleanliness.

So guys, if you are planning to buy a new handbag for yourself or your friends, keep all these points in your mind. As it will definitely help you in selecting the best choice for you.If you are planning to gift a handbag to a woman, then body type, color and outfit all must be kept in mind. This way you’ll do justice with the money also..J


This is one of the best ways to buy a designer handbag. The flexibility and a wide array options allow you to choose the perfect bag, which will suit you and your personality. There are n-numbers of online stores which gives offer and huge discounts on various designer handbags. Just be certain about that the site only sells original and bona fide handbags, not the duplicates or replicas.  Sporadically the big brands itself hold online sales for the clearance of the existing stock, and this will definitely gives you the best option to purchase designer handbags at the cut-rate price.

ADVICE: There are many internet swindlers who sells replicas items, be aware of them. Purchase the handbags from trustworthy and reputed sites only.

I hope from the above, you are now able to find out some options through which you can find the designer handbags for less. One of the most important things you should know before buying the designer handbags is how to fixate the fake bags. Confirm the logo, look for the zipper, lining and stitching quality.

About the author- the writer of this blog, Akanksha Singh herself have a craze for fashion, accessories, and all other items. She explores the market and net for various options and in her search she found an online store which offers plenty of designer handbags and other accessories all at a reasonable cost.

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