Complete Cosmetic beauty box reviews

Originally posted on February 11, 2020 @ 4:51 am

Beauty box reviews


Service In your means:

These boxes are offered on retail price. A soft card board is used to make these boxes. Reason of using light weight paper is that when the cosmetic product will be put in these boxes its weight will automatically increase.


Cosmetic boxes are used to keep the product safe and secured. It maintains the beauty and looks of the product and protects them from dust and damaging. Some products have very different shape so sometimes they cannot be put on table and cupboard. Cosmetic box gives the grip and stand to such kind of cosmetic product.

Cosmetic boxes are also used to present the brand cover. Every rand and company gets their logo or signature picture on the cover cosmetic box so people can easily choose the product by just seeing its cover box they don’t have to put out the product from the box.

These cosmetic boxes are reusable and can also be used to keep small accessories like screw, pins etc.

Joining the parts:

One paper sheet is used to make the box. No glue, tape or staple is used to join the parts of the box. One single sheet is passed under a machine and it is cut according to the shape of the product. Than this sheet is sent to another machine where printing process is done on the sheet. CMYK color scheme and PMS (pantone matching system) colors are used for printing. CMYK is the basic color scheme and PMS is the custom color scheme where colors are used according to the requirement.

When the printing process is over a UV coating is done on the paper to protect the printing ink from getting faint or scratched.  After making the ink protected a lamination is done on the sheet which is of two type mate and glossy. Mate layer is a normal plastic layer and glossy layer is shiny.

The Product cosmetic boxes are available on Wholesale rates. Major brands and companies can also get our services. Printing can be done according to the demand of the customer. Boxes can also be made on custom sizes and shapes. You just have to submit you design to us we will provide you the exact outcome of you design. Our service will never disappoint you and you will use our service again we guarantee it. 100% customer satisfaction and product quality is never compromised.

You can place your order free through our website. Design submission, product review is also done for free.

Light and heavy card stock of 12pt. to 14 pt. or 100lb to 120lb is used. Shipping is done within the US.

Product delivery time is 7 to 10 days. For more details and further information visit our website Discount Box Printing.

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