No time for relationships? You don’t need to be alone.

No time for relationships

Originally posted on February 11, 2020 @ 8:57 am

This article looks at options for meeting attractive singles meet up  in London for those who are too busy for a relationship. Business people and travellers can benefit from convenient services such as escort agencies and ‘encounters’ services for adults only.

Singles websites and ‘encounters’ services.

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These adult only services are frowned upon by some, but have really exploded into life in recent years, as people work longer hours, travel more frequently and look for more ‘open’ ways to enjoy time with new people , when they simply cannot commit to a relationship. Regardless of your moral stance on the matter, the fact is that chance encounters have been a fact of life in the big city since the beginning of time and these services merely facilitate what is human nature! Whether you are looking for an evening of casual dating, a hook-up or something more unique, you are bound to find other people with similar interests and availability. Be open minded by all means, but be safe above all else and be sure to protect your data and identity very carefully. Only use reputable websites with good reviews and secure technology and never give out payment details to an organisation that cannot be verified or which looks untrustworthy.

Escorting services.

Escort services are used for a variety of reasons and if you are looking for elite London escorts you will find plenty to suit! Escorts are traditionally used for corporate events, social occasions where attractive company is called for and for business travellers who lack a social circle after work and who want to benefit from attractive and engaging company. There are a vast number of reputable agencies in London and each offers something unique. Look for an agency with a customer service ethos, a professional code of conduct and a well presented website and premises, which shows they are high quality.

Online dating, singles nights – and everything in between!

As well as encounters services and escort agencies, there are plenty of dating and speed dating nights that give you a great route to meeting new people and having some fun after work. If you are simply seeking friendship rather than a relationship substitute, then you can also have tremendous fun by joining special interest groups, sports clubs, film nights, meet-up groups, talks, social clubs and more. Look broadly and you’ll find plenty to interest you, particularly organised online. Keep an open eye and an open mind and you never know what may come up. Other good routes to meeting new people include supper clubs, gourmet food nights and gigs, where people often tend to socialise and talk to each other regardless. And don’t discount the value of simply finding a good local pub or bar and striking up conversation with other visitors!

In conclusion, if you are working alone in the big city, you don’t need to be on your own if you don’t want to. Look around at adverts and read online coverage to find out what is happening near you. Get involved and get the most out of your free time in London.

Smith writes regularly on entertainments and dating in the big city.

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