5 benefits of the Suzuki violin method

5 benefits of the Suzuki violin method

5 benefits of the Suzuki violin method

At any given time, you can decide to learn a new skill or a new hobby. You just have to be sure that you are ready to take on new things. One of the most common activities we venture in is learning a new musical instrument. There would be many different things to learn various instruments. These methods differ on various factors like the age of the learner, the way they are taught, and many others. Take for example, learning to play the violin. There are many ways to learn this instrument but one of the most popular and has been around for decades is the Suzuki violin method. 


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What is the Suzuki Method?


This method is created by Shin’ichi Suzuki. It is a music curriculum that dates back to the mid-20th century. Suzuki based this method on his observation about how children learn to speak their native language. He said that children learn how to speak first before they learn how to read from the method of absorption. He basically treated learning musical instruments like language acquisition from a very young age. This method does not just apply to violin but to many other instruments as well. This teaching method also encourages the parents of the students to actively participate in their children’s violin lessons Singapore sessions. 


Just like any other teaching methods, not everybody agrees or is convinced with this teaching style. Therefore, in this article we will help you understand several benefits of the Suzuki method when used as a violin teaching method. 


Filled with an encouraging environment

5 benefits of the Suzuki violin method

True to its founding philosophy, the Suzuki method is built around an encouraging environment. Its founder believed that children’s potentials are limitless. It is created in a way that sees every learner on the same level no matter what the given skills are. With this, learning in violin lessons  Singapore that apply the Suzuki method would mean that you are surrounded by people who are supportive of your talents and potential. This environment would be perfect especially for everyone who has just started to learn this instrument.


Involvement of parents


One of the unique practices of this method is that it actively involves the learner’s parents. Having said that Suzuki encourages children to learn as early as possible, the guidance of parents is really needed. This way, parents are aware of their progress and what their children are capable of. With this practice involving private violin lessons, parents can get more involved even at the comfort of their homes. Parents are highly encouraged to be hands-on especially with the private lessons held at home. This is one way you also ensure that those learned in group sessions are reinforced and practiced at home. 


Common repertoire and a standardized curriculum


Suzuki’s founder made sure that there are recordings and other materials available for every instrument the Suzuki method can be applied to. With this, there is a uniform repertoire and other materials when this method is used. Children learn from the same music sheets and recordings in violin lessons Singapore sessions. They learn the same voices thus reinforcing a supportive environment. So, even if private violin lessons are applied, children are on the same level and pace of learning. This also could be an advantage for families that have two or more children enrolled in violin lessons Singapore classes. If these classes are using the Suzuki method, their children would just be using the same materials thus can be a great help financially. 


Group setting


Being able to practice in private violin lessons has its own advantages. However, if you are an aspiring musician, you have to be able to face the public eventually and show you skills. In violin lessons Singapore classes that apply the Suzuki method, you would also be trained to play in a group setting, making sure that you are ready and used to playing publicly. This practice also reinforces the supportive and encouraging environment the Suzuki method tries to obtain. As children play in front of supportive peers, they can slowly remove the fear of playing in a wider audience. 


Learning by memory


One of the unusual practices done in the Suzuki method is learning just by hearing the songs repeatedly. In a traditional way applied in many other violin lessons Singapore classes, children are taught how to read notes before diving in to learning how to play songs. However, the Suzuki methods allow children to familiarize themselves with the songs by listening to the songs in the curriculum over and over again. They get their ears used to these songs. A few Suzuki teachers said that this method is effective.  Once it is time to read notes, children would not have a hard time identifying the notes as they have already memorized what they sound like. 


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