Why are serviced offices proving so popular?

A look at the benefits of using serviced officespace and the increase their demand in this current climate.

Starting up
Starting a business is a challenge in itself; the effort of finding a suitable officespace makes it an even bigger one. Fortunately help is at hand in the form of serviced officespace. Serviced office rental is growing in popularity amongst both existing and new businesses and it is not hard to see why. Serviced offices such as those available from Abacus Real Estate can be found in all major United Kingdom cities. One of the benefits of this type of rental is that, while conventional office rental costs have risen, the going rate for a serviced office remains the same. The benefit for a new business is not only the cost but the fact that the space can be tailored to their needs and that they will not be responsible for its maintenance and upkeep during their tenancy.

The benefits
If a business chooses to rent a serviced office from a company such as Abacus Real Estate they would find that they have a wide choice whatever their location and not only of size but of design. Take for instance the City of Birmingham where a tenant could chose a 1960’s style building or set up shop in one of the city’s most impressive buildings on Centenary Square. This building would provide its tenants not only top class officespace but the use of meeting rooms, air conditioning, server storage and a manned reception desk. Secretarial services and a bespoke firewall make this a very tempting option for a business as they will be able to focus on the real reason they are in business; making money.

Creating a good impression
Of course being in serviced offices has its perks. Every night a cleaning team will come in and do the business of tidying up and making the place presentable. If you have visitors they will arrive in a smart well decorated foyer to be greeted by a professional secretary who will then direct them to your office. These things count; even the most successful business has to keep its eye on the ball in the current market and first impressions mean everything to a new client. Serviced buildings will provide not only well equipped meeting rooms but refreshment areas for both staff and guests. No need to take that important client out to lunch and waste valuable time; instead have a buffet delivered to a meeting room and discuss your terms in house where information is at your finger tips.

If you have been considering setting up in business or are looking for a new premises then taking a serviced office rental from a company such as Abacus Real Estate could be the right move. You will be able to focus your attention fully on your business and let the service company do the rest. Pleasant surroundings also affect staff; a good working atmosphere encourages productivity. Gloomy outlooks create depressions and a downturn in enthusiasm.

This look at serviced office rental from companies such as Abacus Real Estate was written by Jaye Staddon; a freelance writer who is currently considering renting a workspace of her own and has been studying the market.



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