5 Killer Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website

5 Killer Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website

5 Killer Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website


If you are under assumption that you will start the blog and people will find you gradually then you are wrong. In this competition era, it is not possible to get the success easily. Instead, you need to work hard to create a successful blog.

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Next, your blog will get successful, only when you get handsome amount of traffic from it. Without traffic, the blog is of no use. Without traffic, your blog posts will not rank higher in the search engine and thereby you will not make money from it.

Hereby, I am writing this article to share how to increase website traffic to your website immediately.

Trust me, after this article, you will start getting handsome amount of traffic to your site or blog.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s start discussing these tips below.


#1. Inspire Your Audience With Visuals

This is the best and easiest way to drive traffic to your site. Even a beginner can implement this technique to drive traffic to their blog.

Here, the word ‘Visual’ includes Images, Videos, Info graphic, Presentation and Audios.

You can add any of this content to your blog content and make it more interesting.

Do you know? By 2020 end, more than 80% of the internet traffic will be through videos.

Hence, adding videos and images will be a great help to make your content more interesting and attractive. Next, this will also drive more traffic to your blog.

Next, adding visuals will also create a good opportunity to build backlinks. The other website will link back to your visual content and create a backlink for your site for free.

5 Killer Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website

#2. Add Social Sharing Button To Your Blog Post

Your readers will share your content if it resolves their problem. This will become easier if you have social sharing button installed on your blog.

Make sure the blog sharing button are added to your blog and tends people to share it across social sites.

Next, these social sharing buttons should be available on both mobile and desktop as well. Today, people are using mobile more than the desktop. Hence, the social sharing button should be also enable on mobile device.

At last, I strongly suggest using Heat Map plugin to see where people click more on your site. This will help you to decide the place to put your social sharing button.


#3. Do Basic SEO On Your Blog

Here, by term SEO, we don’t mean advance SEO. Of course, if you know the advance SEO then you may go with it. But, if you are beginner then even a basic SEO will help you.

Never trust a default version of the Word press. The default version of the Word press is not SEO friendly. You need to make certain changes to it.

I strongly suggest to refer this article on ‘Basic Changes to Make Word Press more SEO Friendly’ to learn more.


#4. Focus On Inter Linking Pages

Internal linking is another best way to drive more traffic to your site. This technique includes inter-linking your web pages with each other. For example, if you are writing an article on Increasing traffic then you can link back your article (already written on this topic or relate to this article) within the same article.

This will keep your reader engaged and keep them on your site for longer period.

Next, this will increase traffic on your site easily and fast.


#5. Research Your Competitors

Just go back and analysis your competitor’s website to learn how to increase traffic to your site.

Your competitors are a best source to learn how to improve traffic to your website. The websites like Similar Web will help you to identify the source of traffic for a particular website.

Next, this activity will also help you to build backlinks and improve SEO on your site. Due to this analysis, you will not only get the source of traffic but also gets the source of backlinks as well.

In short, in no way this kind of analysis will hurt you or your website.


Over To You

At last, if you think I have missed out any important and immediate way to increase traffic to your website then feel free to share with us. We will be happy to include the same in our list.

Next, do not forget to share how you increase traffic on your website. Your tips will be a great help to others.