How to Choose The Front Door

how to choose the front door

Originally posted on February 27, 2020 @ 12:32 am

Even though it looks like a minor décor thing, choosing (im)proper door for your home makes a huge difference! Having a beautiful door is a subtle necessity that will give your home a sense of style and identity. When chosen properly, door can have a dramatic effect on the look of the room.
Houses we rent come with interior door installed, so there is no much you can do. However, if you are remodeling your personal home or just building a new one, bear in mind that an interior door is a vital part of a How to Choose The Front Door?

How to Choose The Front Door

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Picking a new interior door is an important step. You need to think of materials, style, soundproofing, door swing and many other points that need to be taken into consideration when sorting through the endless options for interior doors.
Choosing just the right door for your home will make a big difference for the design of your home. The fact you’ve chosen a door of one style doesn’t mean you cant mix and match with other designs. Still, it’s advisable not to overdo it with many styles as you want your home to have a sense of flow throughout the house.
An important thing to consider is the size of the space you are choosing the door for: if your room is too small, don’t choose doors that will overwhelm the space.
Assuming you won’t be the one installing the door yourself, but that you’ll hire help, leave details such as door framing, door sound ratings to the experts. They will advise you best.
Types of doors
Types and styles of doors to consider are almost endless. Even though you will be tempted to fall for design, you need to be practical: How much room do you have and what it is that you need?
Types of doors you need to consider:
1. Sliding doors are usually used as closet doors when installed in the interior of a house. They don’t take up a lot of space because the doors slide along the wall rather than swing open. They are usually made of glass, wood or are lined with mirrors. They are really practical for small spaces.
2. Pocket doors are the type that can be used all over the house. They are becoming more and more popular because of their space-saving construction. Unlike sliding doors, they actually slide into the wall!
3. Folding doors are ideal for small spaces such as pantries, laundry rooms and closets. They are usually made in a bi-fold form.
4. Flush doors are simple door. They are smooth on both sides and are generally made of plywood or MDF.
5. Barn doors are great for rooms with a more industrial or rustic look. They were, of course, originally found on barns.
6. Panel doors are what you are going to see in most houses nowadays. They are usually designed with a classic pattern of square panels and are usually made of MDF or wood or MDF.
7. French doors come in many different sizes and styles and they are known to be usually filled with glass or a foggy translucent material. They are meant to maximize light in a room.
8. Dutch doors aren’t as common nowadays. These doors are divided in half horizontally, meaning – the top half can swing open while at the same time the bottom half stays closed.
9. Blind doors are something like a hidden door! They don’t have a visible trim, handles or hinges and are supposed to completely blend in with the wall!
As for door materials, you can choose among MDF (medium density fiberboard), metal and glass, solid wood, hollow core and solid core. Each material has its own advantages and characteristics you may find fit for your space and the type of door you’ve chosen.
MDF is an engineered product, and most interior doors today are made of it. It’s very stable and won’t warp like wood. It’s entirely smooth and very easy to paint as it doesn’t have any grain.
When it comes to solid wood door the type of wood makes a difference in price. Types of wood that are used pretty often are somewhat softer woods such as maple, pine, alder, and mahogany, cherry. The most common solid-wood door is the 6-panel pine door. These doors aren’t a good option for bathrooms, saunas and similar settings as they shrink and expand with changing temperatures, damp and humidity.
Metal and glass doors are mostly used for exterior settings as they offer a rather modern look while being pretty sustainable.
A solid-timber door have a pretty good temperature and sound control qualities while not being too expensive. Their exterior skin is made of molded composite or plywood.
Doors with hollow core tend to be less expensive. They are usually made of plywood or molded composite skin. Bad news is, since their inside panel is hollow, sound and temperatures can pass through the door more easily.

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