5 Reasons Your Truck Needs a Headache Rack

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In the world of trucks, few things are as misleading as the term “headache rack.” It doesn’t make any sense since, if anything, headache racks were designed to prevent headaches, not cause them. Despite the name, headache racks are more popular than ever. If you have yet to install one of these on your own truck, here are a few reasons why you should consider it.


The principal reason headache racks were created in the first place is to provide your truck with a much-needed safety feature. If you carry a lot of cargo and equipment in the back of your truck, that stuff is liable to shift and bang into your cab or your rear window. Headache racks have a wire mesh protecting your window from debris and metal bars that can be used to help secure your cargo, protecting both you and your truck.

A Better Way to Haul Tools

Headache racks can help secure tools in your truck. You can secure long tools, such as rakes, shovels, and axes, and you can install lumber stops so you can carry lumber without worrying about any of it banging back and forth and damaging your truck bed. You can also add grab handles for easier access into and out of your truck bed.

A Place for Mounting Lights

Headache racks are able to turn trucks into mobile work platforms. You can mount lights to your racks, enabling you to work anywhere at any time of the day or night. You can make other additions as well such as rear-facing cameras to protect your cargo, light bars, and rear brake lights for added visibility.

A Toolbox Mount

Headache racks give you a place to mount a toolbox without having to drill down into the truck bed. This will also make it easier to access your tools and secure them so they don’t shift in the back of your truck.

They Look Sharp

Headache racks look tough because they are tough. They’re also available in several different designs, such as a traditional mesh design, a spider web shaped screen, and custom designs as well. For instance, you can incorporate a company name or logo into the design of your headache rack for a little extra advertising.

After you install your new headache rack, you’re going to grow so fond of it you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one.

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