Top Reasons your Fitness Flooring is Just as Important as your Equipment

Originally posted on February 4, 2020 @ 4:10 pm

If you dream of building your own gym, either as a business or as a personal backyard training space, or perhaps you are renovating an existing workout space then there is a lot to consider. Decisions in improving your gym can range from something as small as adding some color to freshen up the place to massive decisions like purchasing new and potentially expensive workout equipment. It can be easy to get caught up in always wanting to buy the newest most exciting fitness equipment, but, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it (if it is, please do). The thing many people tend to overlook is the very foundation of every good gym, the floor. It may seem like something that doesn’t matter very much, but your guests’ entire gym experience begins from the ground up. Not only that, but the longevity of your facility and equipment will be affected by the quality of your floor. Choosing an effective solution beforehand will help to keep your gym running and in the best shape possible.

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The best fitness flooring on the market today is the SFR sport roll. The sport roll is a 100% recycled EPDM rubber flooring roll. The material is budget-friendly, environmentally friendly, and ideal for gyms and workout spaces. The material is budget friendly because you are buying it from the factory, not in a brick and mortar store. The low price of recycled EPDM rubber means this may be a really great option if you are looking to freshen up your space. Purchasing quality fitness flooring will also save you money in the long run because the product will perform well for many years, saving you money on maintenance. As an added perk, SPF sports roll comes in a variety of colors and, if it fits in your budget, you have the option to have the rolls customized in a variety of ways.

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With a rapidly growing number of single-use products being used and discarded, it is extremely helpful to the environment to use a product that has been created from reused materials. Often times, when the words “recycled” or “Environmentally Friendly” are stamped on the side of a product, we think of a lesser product that will not work or last (consider the paper straw). Fortunately, rubber can be recycled many times and still remain an incredibly durable material. If you can help the environment and still get an affordable, high performing product then why wouldn’t you choose to help to preserve the planet?

Specialized Fitness Resources is an enormous asset to all gyms and recreation centers that have a free-weight room. Many Olympic style lifts or many lifts focusing on the posterior chain will likely involve your guests setting heavy weights on the ground. Some gyms prohibit the dropping of weights, but even still it can be very difficult for lifters to set down heavy weights gently. To help protect your equipment and your floor, you will want to invest in a rubber floor. There are many things you can do to protect your floor from being slowly chipped away, but a shock absorbent rubber floor is the best option. The ability to absorb repeated trauma from heavy dropping weights means that not only will your floors be safe, but your strength training equipment will also last longer. This will also protect your visitors from injuries due to minor falls. There are a number of workouts that require you to kneel, sit, or lunge; the rubber makes all of these movements much more comfortable and safer.

Perhaps the greatest safety feature of the rubber flooring is its slip-resistant properties. Rubber is not a slippery material by nature. Even when wet, rubber tends to remain slip-resistant. This is important for obvious reasons, but if you are not convinced, then imagine someone squatting 315 pounds and slipping in the middle of a rep. Maintenance will involve periodic mopping, which is probably a good idea due to all the sweat. With very little effort, your floor will remain well taken care of and keep your guests safe and standing.

Your gym may be in need of new equipment, and equipment is very important. In fact, it is probably what your guests are paying for. But the quality of the workout experience and the workout itself is heavily dependant on the quality of the fitness flooring. It is probably not even a thought most of your visitors will have, but your floor is equally important to the rest of your gym equipment. Not to mention, it will be extremely valuable to your business if your flooring option requires very little maintenance and protects your other assets. You can provide an exceptional experience to your guests by thinking of all the ways you can give them an ideal workout experience. Giving your customers a superior experience will give them a reason to continue to choose you over your competition. Give your guests the confidence to push themselves during their workouts with the comfortable, slip-resistant, shock absorbent qualities that a quality gym floor should have.

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People want to get the most for their money, so give them a gym experience that they feel exceeds what they are paying for. You can begin to do this by investing in a comfortable, attractive flooring. Your customers do not need to know that the flooring was affordably priced, they will only know that the space looks and feels high end. The ability to deliver above and beyond what your clients are expecting is what will keep them coming to your gym long after New Years Day has passed. If they love the experience, you can expect more people coming to your gym in the future. So if you are looking to start, or just looking to update your gym, do not go straight to buying equipment; instead, consider your floor and if it is delivering the experience you hope to provide. If it is not, then look into purchasing a recycled EPDM rubber flooring roll.

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