Guides for Children’s Safety While You Are Driving a Car

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As a parent it is your solemn obligation not only to love your children, but to keep them safe.  It isn’t always an easy job.  One of the hardest parts of that job is trying to keep your children while you are driving.  It’s horrible to contemplate, but facts are that every year, thousands of children are either killed or badly injured in car accidents.  So what can you do to protect your child from being hurt while they are in the car with you?  Here are some guidelines to help you with that.

Car Seats

Child Car Safety

The importance of using car seats to keep your children safe when they are in the car with you cannot be stressed enough.  It really is a must.  Even My Driving Schools would tell you that. While in the United States most states now have laws governing the use of safety seats for children, making them mandatory, there are still some parents who feel that they do not need them.  They believe it’s enough to hold the child on their lap while driving, or to have them sitting in the back seat, without the bother and hassle of a safety seat.  Besides which, they don’t like the government stepping in and telling them what to do.  They can determine just fine on their own what’s good for their child.  How wrong they are!

Car seats are essential to the health and well being of every child under the age of 6 who rides in an automobile, and you don’t need driving schools to tell you that.

Seat Belts

Once your child has graduated from a car seat to a seat belt, it’s important that you show them how to put them on properly so that they will get the most benefit from wearing them.  It can be a little confusing at first dealing with a shoulder seat belt, but if you make the effort to show them, soon enough your child will be able to put on both a lap and should seat belt for themselves.  One of the things to watch out for is so that your child does not get confuted and lock the seat belt with it under their arm or behind their back.  This defeats the purpose of the seat belt by leaving the entire upper portion of their body unprotected, and a prime target for injury should there be an accident.  Any driving school would mention that fact.

Good Behavior

It also is essential to stress to your child the importance of behaving in a calm, not rowdy manner while they are in the car.  That is not the time to throw things, or to  get into a fight with their siblings.  That kind of behavior cannot be allowed because it can cause Mom or Dad to lose control of the car and have a bad accident.  You don’t have to sit up straight and be afraid to move as if you were being given a driving lesson by My Driving Schools, but you have to remain under control when you are a passenger in a car.  That applies to anyone’s car, not just Mom and Dad’s.


Candice had taught at Driving Schools in Brisbane, as well as various My Driving Schools throughout Australia.  She had decades of experience not only as a teacher, but as someone who had raced cars and worked on them and is a qualified professional when it comes to automobiles.

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