Factors That Contribute To The Overall Cost Of Garage Door Repair

Factors That Contribute To The Overall Cost Of Garage Door Repair

At its core, garage door repair is just that – fixing a broken garage door.  However, there are different types of repairs and consequently a range of costs involved with getting them fixed.  Below we will explore some of the most common garage door repairs and their associated costs.

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Garage Door Materials And Design

Materials and design contribute greatly to the cost of a garage door repair. In general, steel doors are more expensive than wooden ones, but they require less maintenance and last much longer. Garage door springs come in all different shapes and sizes, from coiled to extension to torsion. Torsion springs offer the longest lifespan and highest quality ride for your money.


Garage doors are constantly under stress, so it’s important to lubricate them every so often. Unfortunately, this is also one of the more expensive garage door repairs.  But if you want your door to run smoothly over time without breaking down, you have to do it.  It’s that simple.


Sometimes, your garage door repair in Stockton might include resizing the door opening. If you’re replacing an old garage door with a new one that is bigger than the current space, this could affect whether it’s possible to still use that area or not. You may also need to get it re-wired if there are issues with the electrical system in the house.

Lock Style

The type of lock option you want on your garage door can affect its price. There are different types of locks available, some more secure than others. You can get a keyed lock or a push-button one that makes it easy to get into the house but might not be as hard to break into. If you have specific security concerns, you may want to opt for a push-button lock rather than a keyed one.

Lock Installation

Installing new locks on your garage door requires specialized tools and knowledge that some people don’t have. It goes without saying that this will require some extra time, but it also could cost significantly more if you hire someone to do this for you. This is a key part of your overall security system, so make sure to consider it in your overall cost estimate when replacing a garage door.


As mentioned above, insulation is an extra feature that you can choose to include. Adding insulation may affect the exterior design of your garage door as well as its cost, so it requires careful consideration. This isn’t just for aesthetics but also to increase the energy efficiency of your home. The type of insulation you have installed also plays a factor in the price range.

Installation Of The Opener

If you need to replace your garage door opener, this can bump up your total expenses significantly. The installation of the new garage door opener will cost between $200 and $500 on average. However, if you already have an existing outlet in place for wiring, be sure to check with your supplier or installer about whether or not this is necessary. It can also be used to upgrade the horsepower on your new garage door opener, which affects its price as well.

Inspection Fee

If you’re considering upgrading your current installation with something like a new garage door opener motor, you may need an inspection of what’s currently in place. You may need to inquire about whether or not the inspection fee is included in your total estimate, as it’s typically a separate charge. Also keep in mind that if you’re installing new garage door openers, the installation itself will require an inspection before use, so it can quickly increase your expenses.

Repairing Parts

Garage door replacement costs don’t only include the cost of materials. They may also factor in repairs to existing parts on your current door if they’re not functioning properly. Parts like the tracks, springs, and cables will likely need some sort of repair before installation can happen or soon after it’s complete. You might want to consider adding a separate price for repairs to your initial estimate just in case.

Who Pays For The Garage Door Replacement?

While you may assume that you’re responsible for covering all of these expenses, this often isn’t the case. Most homeowners insurance policies will cover at least a portion of garage door repair and replacement costs, particularly if there’s been an accident or incident. Your garage door supplier should be able to provide you with additional information on whether or not you can file a claim and how much it would cost.

Garage doors are often installed by companies specializing in garage door products and services. It is important to find a company that offers the best deal on these items while also providing quality work. Family-run businesses are often the best place to start when searching for a reliable company that offers good prices on garage doors.

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