Your Checklist for Designing a Commercial Fountain and Pond

Commercial fountains or ponds have the potential to add a touch of exclusivity and exquisiteness to any location. They have the power to instantly attract visitors, lend positive energy to the place and promote a green environment which contributes immensely to nature conservation. You can choose to create fountains with custom designs that, in some way or other, represent the ethos of your business or are aligned with the design of your office building.

This checklist talks about some of the important factors you should take into account when setting up a commercial fountain.

Check the Size and Position

Commercial Fountain

An important factor to consider when setting up a fountain or pond is to know the work space that is available to you.

Compared to other designs, a fountain with a circular shape is one of the most versatile designs as it can easily fit into even the most limited space available. This gives a premium look to your surroundings without occupying increased space. You can also choose to go for unique designs such as zigzag, rectangular or even mismatch multiple shapes – the idea is to ensure your fountain looks unique and visually appealing.

While considering building a pond or fountain, give a lot of thought to its placement. It shouldn’t be placed in a congested area so that there is enough space for people to move around it. Avoid placing your design near the edge of a building or the pavement, as it will hinder movement and may not look as impressive as you want it to be.

Power Source and Location
The design needs to be connected to a power source so that the motors can operate efficiently throughout the day. However, the wires that are used to power up the motor should be hidden and covered within PVC pipes so as to avoid short circuits. Some business owners conceal them within the lawns or under the ground which is another great option. But in this case, you might have to hire extra labor to dig through the entire distance and embed the pipes within.

The closer the fountain is to the power source, the easier it would be to plug it in and connect the wires. You should also consider choosing an appropriate location for the fountain because it creates the desired effect only when placed right. Consider taking some advice from an engineer or a professional interior designer. These experts have ample experience in determining a location and will also help you identify the best spot for the fountain.

Display Shape and Lightings
Once you have finalized all the basics necessary to set up a commercial pond or a fountain, the last but interesting step is to determine the shape of the display. For people who are planning to keep it working during the night, it is also mandatory to consider the type of lightings that they plan to use.

There are also different variants of fountain pumps available in the market that you have to pick from. You have the option of choosing from fountains that shoot water up front, high in the air or spread them in a floral pattern.

Something else you will need to choose are the pumps you will use for your fountain. You will easily find a wide range of these products at AI Pumps. This comprehensive online store will also make it easy for you to choose your favorite model, get the best pricing on the motors and help you install them at your location with the help of a professional in no time. You can shop for your ideal pump for your fountain or artificial pond from the convenience of your home and get them delivered to the desired location.

Irrespective of whether you are installing a fountain or pond in your commercial space or residence, it is mandatory to check with the local government body and know their building codes. Some areas have specific instructions regarding the height of the fountain, maximum depth to dig holes to set them up and so on. Gaining the necessary license to install them will help you achieve peace of mind and will safeguard your investment in the long run.

The structures have the ability to add an aesthetic look to your building and will provide a graceful entry for every visitor who enters your premises. Always fix your budget before you begin. All you need is a touch of creativity and you will be able to achieve impressive results at minimal costs.

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