Everything you need to know about Mirandus

Everything you need to know about Mirandus

Gala Games is currently working on Mirandus, a fantasy MMO. Mirandus allows first-person exploring. Everything in the game belongs to the players, groups, or organizations. Everyone may contribute to the game’s booming economy. Mirandus is an open-world online role-playing game where players’ actions affect the universe.

You’ll need to stock up on eatery and supplies before embarking on another adventure. The blacksmith needs timber from the woodcutter and meat from the farmer to construct a hilt. Players may be farmers, merchants, or bards in the game.

If players are near fortifications or neighboring places, they have more trade choices. It can be dropped anywhere in the game area. The mayor may authorize others to open stores and charge rent. The blockchain tracks digital asset ownership in Mirandus. The current Mirandus version supports Ethereum and Flare.

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Gala is moving big into the play-to-earn economy.

Gala Games is a market that aims to make gaming more engaging. Players themselves are building the blockchain infrastructure. Five games are now available on the platform, and more are expected in the future. Aside from Town Star, the two tanks that have been tested are Mirandus and Spider Tanks.

Gala Games uses Ethereum’s ERC-1155 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to facilitate in-game purchases. As a result, players become more invested in the game, and there is a market for trading virtual artifacts and skins. Gala Games’ ecosystem, which includes AAA gaming firms, allows unique goods to transcend games and link creators and customers.

Depending on how much land a player claims, holdfasts may range from small farms to sprawling cities. Each of the five citadels in Mirandus is a 1/1 commodity that serves as both a kingdom and a capital city. Purchasing a homestead using GALA tokens will set you back around $50.

Mirandus hype growing

When Gala Games and Polyient Games sold their first citadel for $800,000, it became more popular. The deeds to the Homestead just went on sale. These two villages are currently the cheapest places to live. These deeds cost 0.497 ETH, or around $500. There were no more potions in four minutes.

In addition, it’s important to control the hype. GALA GAMES has released not a single game. Mirandus will be available in the playable form before the end of the year, although as a limited test version. Gala Games is currently working on Mirandus’ gameplay and economic layers for landowners and explorers, so the game won’t be released until 2022.

Eric Schiermeyer, CEO of Zynga, and Michael McCarthy, Lead Game Designer of Mirandus, worked together on the project (Arcanum: Of Steamworks, Magick Obscura, etc.).

Mirandus Promises True Free-to-Play Experience

Will be free to play Mirandus (a massively multiplayer online RPG). With or without a homestead or outpost, owning real estate adds a new economic dimension to your adventures.

Tackling challenges and saving communities is doable. Then they may cultivate and sell resources for actual money. They need a place to trade, get new items, or simply relax. In this situation, it’s player-owned property. Adventurers may profit from player-owned land. A farmhouse is not a secure place for monsters. Other customizing options exist for landowner-produced goods. 

Free-to-play players will miss the player-owned sites in Mirandus. Throughout their travels, the planet remains untouched. Those who are seeking new business opportunities should keep tabs on current market conditions.

Play-to-earn making headlines

Play-to-earn games are a hot topic in the blockchain sector right now. 1.19 million UAW members utilized gaming DAPPs in October, making up the majority of DAPP activity. The games category regained its traditional 55% market share from the rest of the industry. As the Metaverse grows in popularity, so does its ferocity.

It’s unclear why firms like Ubisoft and Electronic Arts are concerned about NFTs, user ownership, and play-to-win. During an investor call, Yves Guillemot, CEO of Ubisoft, said that the company would produce “play-to-earn” games. Additionally, Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson referred to play-to-earn games as “the future of our company” on a conference call with shareholders. There are several Gala Games titles, including Axie Infinity and Splinterlands.

“Mirandus,” a fantasy role-playing game by Gala Games, has unique in-game items. A wide range of assets may be purchased, sold, and traded, from simple land holdings to five ancient citadels.


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