How a small business can make a big impact at exhibition display trade or show ?

How do you stand out from the crowd and get noticed? Is it the clothes you wear, your hair style or maybe your car?

When the crowd you need to stand out from is your business competitors does this change? At an exhibition for instance how can a small business get seen among the mêlée of competitors’ stands?

Making an impact

Exhibitionists do it all the time – think Lady Gaga! They wear something that makes you gasp or take a second look. Some brands produce objects so desirable we can’t help but take another look. Some brands build on this so much that their products are desirable even when their appearance no longer stands out – think Apple’s iPhone.

How can you create this stand-out quality for your business at an exhibition display?

Quality, USP and POD

OK no business gets Google or Coca Cola fame without good design in the first place. They also have a USP (Unique Selling Point) and a POD (Point of Difference) which makes their products or services more desirable than others. Add quality and you’re onto a winner.

Even if yours aren’t  standing out yet, you need to identify what your USP and POD are so that you can convey them to your audience.



Stand design

OK you might not be able to invest in the sort of bespoke or custom built stands as Google and Apple. Obviously something so tailored to your brand doesn’t come cheap.

You could opt for the less expensive Pop-up or Curved displays which do make a good stand backdrop but you need a sizable space to display them. Again they are quite an investment which is fine if they come within budget and you intend to use them time and again.

Even if these versions are beyond your means, there are lessons to be learnt from the big boys about how they get their messages over.

Roller banners can do the trick

For small businesses these are the most cost effective option. They come in a variety of widths all with a 2 meter height restriction. Double width roller banners are available to a maximum of 2 meters and will adequately to the job that a bespoke wall or pop-up banner might do.

Roller banners are also flexible, light, easy and quick to set up; all good reasons to use this type of signing. You can use them in other locations too when you need company signage – a meeting, conference or training for instance.

Developments within digital printing technology mean they are relatively cheap to produce. It needs far fewer procedures to set up.

If you need help to get noticed it might be worth employing the services of a graphic designer like the ones at Eazy Print. They can advise the necessary resolution of any images and logos used on your banners. Talk to them about fonts too i.e. the shape of the letters. This should be in line with your logo but needs to be clear and legible to all who come to your stand.

Design rules

Go back to the big boys for inspiration or check out the big brands in your industry sector.

Remember the design fundamentals for your stand out exhibition  models and display banners:

  • Keep it simple
  • Use your logo and the colours associated with your company
  • Get your message over in simple words
  • If appropriate include your USP and your POD to give potential customers a reason to chose you or your brand
  • While images with no words look really effective, few brands but the really iconic can get away with this to promote themselves


Go and turn heads.

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