Exotic Animal Husbandry

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Dogs, cats, bunnies, and hamsters are the sort of pets you might think of when considering bringing an animal into your family. Cuddly and fluffy, these critters are among the top domestic pets available in most pet stores. But, if you prefer creepy over cute, keep reading. Pet stores today offer a wide variety of low maintenance exotic pets.


A snake is an excellent pet for everyone, from a child to an older adult. Though the initial set up can be costly, keeping these reptiles is a cinch once you’ve got their enclosure mimicking their natural habitat. Some things you’ll need include: under-tank heating pads, bedding of some sort (most experts even recommend nothing more than paper towel or newspaper for most varieties of snake.), a water dish, and a hide large enough for your snake to coil into.


Not everyone’s favorite sight, but if you’ve got a soft spot for these eight-legged creatures, tarantulas might be the perfect pet for you! Even easier and less expensive than snakes, tarantulas are a magnificent display animal. While handling them often isn’t recommended, creating a naturalistic habitat for your pet is one of the biggest perks of owning this arachnid. They thrive in enclosures with live plants and soil, bringing a touch of the outdoors into your living room without the mess.


Whether a bearded dragon or any variety of gecko, lizards are great starter pets for those dipping their toes in the exciting world of exotic animal husbandry. Adventurous night hunters, these pets make great companions for your curious child. Most have gentle temperaments, which makes them easy to handle and fun to interact with. They love climbing and exploring, so make sure that if you take them out of their enclosure, you give them a safe space to run around in and a little place to hide.

Not convinced? That’s okay! There are so many resources online for you to peruse. There’s everything from group message boards, to YouTube videos, and communities dedicated to exotic animals and their keepers. Each person is ready with a bevy of knowledge to share with you. But, if you need even more information or a one-on-one chat with an expert, contact an exotic animal vet to help you along the way. It’s best to build a relationship with a professional, as they will also be the ones assisting with your pet vaccinations in Jacksonville, FL.

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