Facebook Facts flirt chat boost School Dropouts Rates

Reason for high school dropouts -Facebook has multiple applications which are most commonly appreciated worldwide among which is chat is most popularly used worldwide.
The olden days were totally different comparing to today’s scenario in terms of meeting people or bring in touch.
 todays high tech
Today’s world is 24 by 7 online were people around the world meet in common place called Facebook.
Many friends wait for there foreign friends ,to be online to share there emotions online via Facebook chat.
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There were days were hardly there were any modern communications medium like phone,etc.
so people would never use to exchange there feelings,thoughts,etc.
So people would never use to know or unable to communicate distant relatives ,friends ,etc as a result people never use to get what’s going in the world.
Many were totally dependent on newspaper to know the status of today’s world news ,due to which-
exchange of message or views or communication was impossible in times of emergency.
Science has advanced so much that people are getting connected with click of mouse,latest trend is –
Facebook chat ,were daily people register in Facebook and makes friends ,share news like friends status,etc.
Its all free even for poor ,so through internet world audience are communicating daily for all
exchanging tasks are carried in Facebook
But every successful technology has some dangers or problems associated in various forms.
today many kids are taking part in chatting online with unknown people.
Even though chatting online has helped world to connect each other without any forms of barriers like race,language,money,etc still there are many problems arising to taste the adventure of chatting.
Some kids,teens are so innocents that reveal everything private to the unknown person,that
they are trapped, abused,etc.
Facebook Facts
Some innocent kids,teens reveals everything private to stranger that they are trapped so quickly resulting-in serious problems like hacking,abused,etc.
Due to which many kids,teens ultimately ends in terrifying situation that they not only fails in carriers but also ends up in depression conditions .
Day by day many hackers are attempting to hack victim computer just by friendly chat,then slowly & steadily-hackers advances to phishing attempts.
It has been daily reported today ,how stranger are hacking victims computer easily to hack all bank details and finally making him bankrupt.
Today many fake profiles are created on daily basis in Facebook were victims are spied day and night finally to trap victim for money,relation,blackmail,etc
There are many crime stories emerging in in Facebook today were there is no security.People just cant guarnatee who they are chatting with,whether it is true or fake or hacker.
Its high time now world to wakesup as many crimes are committed in the name of chatting .so if Facebook founder truly don’t want to be rename as
social networking and crime
Facebook -House of crime as world goverment are trying to stop or ban Facebook worldwide like china.
We at share-ask.com wants Facebook to be safe place rather than threat to the future  generations






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