Five Crazy Sushi Dishes You Must Try!

Sushi, the newest, delicious dish that people have found mouthwatering leading to the worldwide popularity of this Japanese dish. Yes, Sushi was first introduced in Japan in the 8th century. Sushi is a type of dish being served at dinner and people became utterly fond of it. Though Sushi, the amazing dish was invented in Japan and used to serve in Japanese streets initially, it crossed international boundaries and people started to prefer having this worldwide.  Now you can enjoy the delicacy of these Japanese Sushi dishes at both restaurants in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We, the Sushi restaurant in Dubai, are constantly trying to serve the best sushi foods. Keeping in mind the demand of sushi lovers we have incorporated so many Sushi dishes that will make you crazy from the first time you try! So, don’t miss the opportunity to spend your evening with your family in the best Sushi restaurant in Dubai and also in Abu Dhabi. 

You can find Sushi food items by visiting the website of UAE, which is serving the best classic and traditional Sushi dishes. We have all talented chefs dedicated to preparing the best Sushi dishes for you. To know more about Sushi foods you may check out here top Sushi chef Dubai. Now let’s come to know the top five Sushi dishes you shouldn’t miss trying while visiting the best Sushi restaurant in UAE, Dubai.

Beef Tartare with Cream Cheese

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The famous Beef Tartare Cream Cheese roll that we serve in our Sushi counter, UAE in Dubai offers you an amazing delicacy. The cream cheese adds flavor to this Beef Tartare roll making it an excellent Sushi dish you may have. So, come and enjoy our fantastic Beef Tartare Cream Cheese Sushi roll in our Sushi counter while dining here. Though you will have the feel of a famous cream cheese roll being served over Philadelphia, it’s completely different will make you fall in love with this Beef Tartare Cream Cheese Sushi dish. Try it today!

Bentley Roll

The mouthwatering Bentley Roll is one of the popular Sushi dishes introduced in California. It is prepared in Californian style with all healthy ingredients. This luxurious Bentley roll is stuffed with avocado. The delicious seared salmon is used as the topping of this delicious Sushi roll. The Bentley roll offers a unique essence of flavors and goes appropriately with the sesame dressing of the staff. So, what are you waiting for? Come today to our Sushi counter to enjoy this masterpiece dish of mouth-watering essence!

Sushi Burrito

Sushi Burrito, another fantastic one, comes in our list of Sushi dishes we offer. The Sushi Burrito will make you meet with the amazing Mexican flavors who is the inventor of this Sushi dish. Now you can enjoy the delicacy of Mexican essence at our restaurant with this fantastic Sushi Burrito, mouth-watering! So hurry to come to our Sushi counter in UAE, Dubai, and have this delicious Sushi dish today. Being influenced by the Mexican Sushi dish, the Sushi chef of Dubai evolved this unique recipe to enlarge the Sushi roll into a delicious Sushi Burrito we serve. To know more about the Sushi dishes offered by the Sushi restaurant in Dubai, UAE, check out here top Sushi chef Dubai.

Shaggy Dog Roll

This tasty Sushi dish is here to fill your mouth with delicious essence at a first bite. We are sure, you can’t resist having it again and again. Though the item does not sound good, its goodness will blow your mind through its delicious flavor. The shaggy dog roll is stuffed with fresh crabs and shrimps adding awesomeness to the dish. Not only the non-veg, but this item is also a mixture of healthy avocado and spicy aioli that is used as a topping. Its tasty ingredients reach this sushi roll to the next level to make people fall in love. We assure you will crave, once you have tried our special shaggy dog Sushi roll. So, without getting delayed, come today to have a shaggy dog roll at our Sushi counter at UAE, the top sushi restaurant in Dubai.

Tasmanian Roll

If you want to try the best seafood then we have the delicious Tasmanian roll to offer you. It is a combination of veg and non-veg ingredients including fresh salmon fish, ocean trout, asparagus, and decorated with yellow onion, green onion. Lemon and chili are used in this item to add spiciness and to make the dish a little bit sour. It tastes awesome you won’t imagine until you taste it. To make your Tasmanian roll more delicious, have it with a dip of soy sauce and wasabi. It will give you a heavenly feeling you can’t resist yourself having once again. It can be the greatest companion with your favorite alcohol. If you don’t want to have it with alcohol you may prefer hot tea or any other hot shake to pair with it. So, why are you thinking so much? Come today to our best Sushi restaurant and enjoy this delicious Tasmanian Sushi roll with your loved ones.

These are the top five Sushi dishes we offer at our Sushi restaurant prepared following the authentic Japanese street food recipe, Sushi. Not only Sushi, but we also serve various food items you can enjoy your day with these lovely dishes. Therefore if you are looking to have the best Sushi dishes ever, the top Sushi restaurant in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is going to be the best choice for you. To know more about our services check out here top Sushi chef Dubai. Know about the rest of the Sushi items you must try!

Agemono Hokkaido Sushi

We prepare this special Sushi in Japanese restaurant style to make you meet with the best Sushi dish of Singapore. Hokkaido is served with Agemono Sushi, making it the best combination you ever have. This Agemono Sushi is prepared with all seafood items like fresh deep-sea prawns, Grouper fish. So to taste this delicious Sushi item you only need to come to our restaurant and have a fantastic feeling with this Agemono Hokkaido Sushi dish.

Pickled Vegetable Nigiri

This Sushi dish is not being served in any particular Japanese restaurant, rather it is a popular Sushi dish in various cities. It is not a roll-like dish, it’s a dish of molded rice that Japanese people prefer to have as their meal. The dish is prepared with molded rice with a topping made mainly of fish. This recipe is one of the favorites of the Japanese people that you can taste coming to our restaurant UAE, Dubai.

AmaEbi Sushi Square

This item is another famous rice-based Sushi dish that is available in the top Sushi restaurants in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It is prepared with fresh fish toppings that enhance its taste to the double. In fish toppings sweet shrimps, donburi mix is used and also are decorated with edible blue flowers looking fantastic. In this item, you get the flavor of fresh basil tempting your hunger for this amazing Sushi dish.

We also offer delicious New York Subway Roll, Irish Sushi dishes to serve you the best. So, if you want to taste these tastiest, yummiest, delicious Japanese dishes, Sushi you must have to come to our top Sushi restaurant in Dubai and also in Abu Dhabi. To know more about us check out here top Sushi chef Dubai.

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