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  • We are a team of freelancers, writers, designers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, marketers. Of course, we’re always looking for quality content to publish on our website (20,000+ rss readers).

Our Professional Affordable Web Development Services 

Our Free Web Services includes guest blogging,search engine optimization,computer repair and web development services

  • Web designing– We make a Blogs,Website etc as per required by clients and provide professional seo services in india.



  • Website Speed optimization ProjectsWe help to optimise Blogs,Website to gain maximum speed as per  your budget

     Website Speed optimization Projects




  • We have blogs with high Page Rank website  and, Now we are interested in inviting professional guest bloggers and expert content writers. We promise for support your content by spreading it to the globe.

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  1. Hi Admin,

    My name is Mirza Sabnam Aktar. I am a freelance content writer. While surfing the internet, I found your site share-ask.com that seemed interesting and informative, and resourceful to me.

    I would love to discuss an opportunity where my team could create quality content pieces in the form of SEO friendly blogs, reports and articles for you. My article would be custom made for your site and would be helpful to your business and your readers. I have credible experience of creating and curating content across a number of industries for several reputable clients.

    Please let me know if this were something, you would be interested in.

  2. Hello sir,

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  3. Hi,
    My name is Sherry Mckenna.
    I am the outreach manager here at Globex Writing Services. I came across your website, and I think that you’d be a great addition to our inventory.
    We are a content marketing agency and we’d be thrilled if you’d allow us to post relevant and non-promotional content on your website.
    Please tell me how much do you charge per dofollow backlink? We make payment through PayPal.

    I look forward to having a long-term working relationship with you.

    Kind regards,
    Sherry McKenna

  4. I charge this fees https://share-ask.com/advertising-blogs/.Let me know besumitbe@gmail.com/skype-bpshbp/whatsapp-+919004108811

  5. I charge this fees https://share-ask.com/advertising-blogs/.Let me know besumitbe@gmail.com/skype-bpshbp/whatsapp-+919004108811

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