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For some, it is a sign of rebellion, for others, a sign of individuality and the rest, a sign of a person who is on the “wrong side of the tracks.” Any way you look, the tattoos are not actually so bad. In fact, it is possible that a tattoo might actually be beneficial to the health of both your physical and mental health.


How good tattoos are good for your health (mental)


What tattoos are good for your mental health? What a bunch of bologna!


Tattoos and Piercings in the Workplace

Okay, okay. Therefore, no scientific studies have proven yet, but many people agree that tattooing has improved their mental health. For the right person, the enjoyment of a unique piece of art tattooed on their bodies makes them feel good about themselves. According to Kathy Foust of Indiana, “even the act of getting a tattoo is mentally stimulating.”


Of course,good tattoos have to be visible to provide a mental boost. Kenzy England from Bonham, Texas, states very clearly that your tattoo, located on the left shoulder blade, rarely seen unless she wears a shirt that exposes. However, tattooing is giving “a boost of confidence I had not had before.” He adds that “it was my way to get what I am and that is a reminder of my own strength and power.”


So if you stop and really think about it, if you feel good about a well-inked tattoo (especially one that has been well thought out and was obtained while sober) then that means that endorphins are pumping through your body. In short, if you are the right person, a tattoo could actually improve your mental health.


How to make tattoos to take better care of yourself


Tattoos can help put you into the habit of taking better care of him, which of course affects their physical health.


Some people work to maintain your current healthy weight in order to avoid any stretching or distortion of the tattoo, due to weight gain. Others are saying that taking better care of your skin in order to preserve the look of your tattoo.


That seems to be the general trend, in fact. People who get tattoos usually want to preserve the look of your tattoo. That means taking better care of it: skin moisturizing, wearing sunscreen and skip the tanning beds.


Jody Morse of East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania said his tattoo helped him realize another dangerous addiction: tanning beds. “I was a tanorexic before getting my tattoo, and initially I stopped using tanning beds because I do not want to risk my tattoo fading. Now I’ve gotten back from my addiction tan, I realize how much I’m helping my skin. “It also notes that getting a tattoo and then let tan may have also helped to reduce your risk of developing skin cancer.


But it does not end there. Recent studies have found that tattooing is a more effective vaccine delivery. Yes, it is.


Although this does not imply permanent ink, a group of German scientists found that the administration of vaccines using a tattoo needle instead of a standard needle and intramuscular injection method “resulted in a stronger antibody response” (in Compared with traditional intramuscular injection). In other words, one day even the other can be tattooed tattoo vaccines against people.


So, next time you see someone with a tattoo, do not look down on them. We all have our own reasons for our body modifications or failure-not-too. It is likely that the people who are watching are feeling pretty good about themselves.


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