How Allergies Affect Your Sleep And Ways To Avoid Them

How Allergies Affect Your Sleep And Ways To Avoid Them

Escalating climatic change prolongs the allergy season. This affects everyone differently depending on the allergens that affect you. Allergies cause different effects at different times during their season. Some of the allergies in Dubai are triggered by pollen and mold. Other people are prone to persistent allergies resulting from pet dander and dust mites.

Allergies and sleep

The various symptoms of allergy might wreak havoc on your life when awake or asleep. The most significant effect of allergy is regular fatigue. Perhaps you usually wake up to sneeze and cough or have trouble breathing while sleeping. At this stage, the fatigue is severe. Resultant symptoms from allergy affect sleep routine and are bound to live you tired throughout the day.

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An extreme allergic reaction encourages chronic snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. These cause significant sleep problems affecting your health. Managing these symptoms is very important to protect yourself r loved one from allergy rhinitis.

Common allergens that affect sleep

Dust mites

The presence of dust in your home makes you prone to dust mites. These usually thrive in the bed and pillows. The dust mites feed off dead skin cells you shed while sleeping. Protecting yourself from allergy resulting from dust mites requires finding where to buy mattress online. The ideal mattress is made from quantum form to limit the presence of dust mites in your bed. This guarantees to enjoy better sleep always.

Pet dander

A cat or dog is a wonderful companion. However, you have to keep up with pet dander more than often. This is flakes of dead skin from your pet. The extreme presence of pet dander encourages allergic reactions. Ensure to groom your pet regularly to reduce dander in your home. Additionally, keep the pet off your bed and other furniture backed by regular vacuuming to limit allergens that might inhibit your sleep.


The presence of damp conditions in your bedroom encourages mold. This is common for bedrooms attached to bathrooms. You can limit mold presence in your bedroom by limit moist air from the bathroom from entering your bedroom. Alternatively, you can use an exhaust fan or open the bedroom window. With low humidity, there are limited chances of mold presence in your bedroom to protect you from allergy.


This is one of the most significant causes of seasonal allergies. Allergy medication lowers symptoms but some including pseudoephedrine and antihistamines have the potential to keep you awake and drowsy respectively. The best thing is to understand how to avoid catching allergy resulting from pollen. A wonderful idea is to limit drying clothes outside or walking in grassy areas during pollen peak periods.

Strong household cleaning chemicals

Good household hygiene is very important. This requires the use of special cleaners to keep fixtures and all corners of the home sparkling. However, keep in mind that some of these cleaners are harsh on human health. These are likely to make your eyes watery and sting. It is a form of an allergic reaction. Ensure to rely on softer cleaners to keep your home clean without any side effects on your health.

How allergies are likely to affect your sleep

Exposure to allergy triggers causes various impacts on your health especially breathing problems while sleeping. Keep in mind that it is virtually to catch sleep if you can’t breathe properly. A stuffy nose encourages quintessential turning and tossing in bed making sleep hard. Having a runny nose requires keeping a box of tissues handy whenever you are including beside your bed. Regular use of post-nasal drip to clear the throat and cough when having allergies inhibit sleep.

Ways to protect yourself from allergies

Invest in quality bedding

One of the best ways to protect yourself from allergies is to invest in a quality quantum mattress. This is made with advanced technology and fabric to limit pollen, dust mites, and dirt to protect the sleeper from allergies. Beddings made with wool and feather are prone easily pick up dirt and dust.

Keep in mind that cleaning this material is quite hard making you prone to allergies.

Take a shower before bed

Make it a habit to shower before hitting the bed. This washes pollen off your body and any that might stick to your hair. Sleeping clean limits the chances of taking allergens to bed that are likely to keep you awake all night. Equally important is washing out your sinuses with a rinse solution before bed. This eliminates any mucus while clearing the sinuses of any allergy triggers for a peaceful sleep.

Change your sleeping position

Having allergies is one thing but your sleep position can affect your sleep. Adjusting your sleep position can limit allergies from flaring up. The new sleep position can significantly lessen sinus pain. Tuck pillows under the upper back and head while sleeping upright to drain the nose and throat from any congestion. This allows breathing better for more restful sleep.

In a nutshell

Quality sleep is essential for overall wellbeing and health. Limiting exposure to allergies enhances sleep. You can do this by investing in a quality quantum mattress that you can purchase online.