How to increase your IQ {Intelligent Quotient)

It is usually believed that a person is born with a certain percentage of intelligence and that the Intelligent Quotient remains the same throughout his or her life. However, recent studies have proved otherwise claiming that IQ can be improve if not increased.

Intelligent Quotient or IQ as it is commonly known as is a scientific assessment of your intelligence. IQ scores are derived from standardized tests that are designed to assess the level of intelligence. IQ tests usually measure problem solving abilities, memory, general knowledge, and spatial imagery. Based on native intelligence tests, it is said that intelligence usually has its own limitations. However, recent studies show that it is definitely possible to improve your IQ if no increase them to a great extent.

How to increase your IQ

Well, does it sound a little strange? It might be; but yes there are ways by which you can make it happen. The following paragraphs will give a fair idea about How to increase your IQ {Intelligent Quotient).

Indulge in some Brainpower Fun


One easy way of boosting IQ is taking risks with your brain. Have you become a scrabble master or can you solve sudoku puzzle in minutes. Studies have proved that when you have mastered something thoroughly, the brain usually stops working as hard. Either it refuses to expand its resources or make use of the dopamine rush that helps one become smarter.


Other brainpower activities that you can indulge in are, playing certain logic and strategic games. Studies have found that playing games that involve taxing the brain, like puzzles and sudoku increases ‘fluid intelligence’. Fluid intelligence is the ability to draw connections between things, ability to solve problems and also adapt to new situations. It has been found that by paying attention o two different streams of information, helped in boosting reasoning abilities to some extent.


Take up More Challenging Activities


Taking up more challenging games actually help a lot in boosting your brainpower and an IQ level at the same time. You can try playing games like cryptology. Cryptology refers to a situation when a message is written in codes. You need to try and figure out the codes. For beginners it definitely challenging where you need to tax your brain in order to decode. Logic puzzles pertaining to this category are of great use if you want to boost your IQ. Lateral thinking puzzles and logic puzzles can help in boosting brainpower activities to a greater extent.


You can also practice Sudoku and crosswords. Regular practices of such activities help in stimulating you brain cells and thought processes. Searching for words may not be considered though-provoking by all and sundry but it is a powerful mind game that works stimulating the mind.


Exercise Your Body in Addition to the Brain


Regular physical exercises keep the brain moving and stimulating. Thus maintaining a regular exercise regime is very much required. Scientific studies have proven that everyday spending at least 40 minutes for physical exercises enhance brain power.


Lifelong Learning through Discovery and Exploration


Sitting in the same mental stage for a long time can actually make you dull which is quite harmful for your brain. Set goals and maintain a lifelong aim to always learn new things. Develop interests and varied tastes in all spheres – from science and technology to art, literature and even business. You can also indulge in visual representation of the mind that helps boosting the brain power and activities. Try and develop new activities. For example, why not drive down to work from a new way. This way you will not only learn a new route to office but also make your brain cells work while discovering a new route.


Travel to exotic places. Visit at least one destination in a year to which you have never been. Try extreme adventures like bungee jumping or paragliding. Take risks! Eat a local delicacy, something that you have been hitherto unaware of. Befriend local people while you are travelling to another destination.


Such new experiences releases a neurotransmitter named dopamine that increases neurons and creates a sense of pleasure. The more you take initiatives to learn new things, the more your intelligence grows.


Write Whenever You Can


Puzzled? Well you may be; but yes it is much better to write down your thoughts in pen-and paper rather than typing it out on latest laptop. Longhand activities help in increasing our visual and kinesthetic stimulation. Always try and write with the hand that less dominant. For example, you normally use your right hand. Why not try using your left hand to write? Or if not writing, at least try serving food! Using your opposite hand to do day-to-day activities can help in stimulating the opposite side of the brain that usually stays dormant. Though this activity is largely hypothetical, it is definitely worth exploring.



 Be a Voracious Reader and a Keen Observer


Studies have proven that reading enhances the comprehending ability of the mind and work towards developing a great critical thinking faculty. Try and read new books every time and make sure you explore various genres.


Be a keen observer of the society around. Study people and places closely.


Last but not the least, maintain a balanced diet. This definitely helps. So, good luck towards boosting your IQ.


Online IQ Tests are available that you can take at regular intervals to check your IQ score. However, be aware of spams. The Stanford-Binet IQ Test is the only relevant and true IQ test accepted worldwide.


Author Bio: Sampurna Majumder is a professional writer who enjoys creativity and challenges.  Barely a year into new media, she has written several posts, articles and blogs for prominent websites covering a wide range of topics—IQ test, resume writing, and various topics on job search. The above post throws light on how to improve an individual’s intelligent quotient.



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