How to Use an LCD Screen in your Exhibition?

How to Use an LCD Screen in your Exhibition

How to Use an LCD Screen in your Exhibition?

Many tools are used in trade shows and exhibitions to promote the brand and aware people of your products and services. From banners to stands everything has to be perfect in an event to grab the attention of visitors. When looking out for something extra and eye-catching, nothing can beat the use of LCD screens.


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If you are looking to make an instant impact and stand out in your next trade show or an event, you can use touchscreen technology to entertain your guest and promote your brand through this. This way you could turn heads and create an image that is different from the rest. So, get LCD screens this time around for your exhibition and impress people attending your booth.


The use of an interactive screen can draw a lot of attention that will allow people to learn more about your product and understand what your company does. Today it is all about being technology savvy and staying ahead in the game of marketing. When placing these screens in your booth, you will allow visitors to view images, video, play games, and even play quizzes. 


If you are new to using LCD interactive screens, you need to know that it is a modern way of interacting with your customers and project your company as a forerunner in the specific industry. So, for your next marketing campaign include LCD screens and impress your clients. 


Become more technology-oriented in your next event and forget about those old methods of promotion. Now you can draw the attention of people using an interactive screen that will help you get sales number that you have never imagined before.LCD screens are a great way to draw the attention of a person standing miles apart from your booth, so the moment they see something catchy and interesting they will watch it and explore more on your booth.


There is no doubt about the advantages you will get with the use of a screen at an event. It is important to keep some points in mind before you use screens at the booth at your next event. When you want to ensure that these giant screens get noticed and help you achieve your marketing goals. It should start with the fact that they should be supplied by a reputed company. The use of the right equipment is the key to success in a promotional event. So, find exhibition screens from a company that does not compromise on quality and believes in providing impeccable service. So, read more about the tips that you should consider before choosing screens.


Tips to choose LCD Display

  1. Experience- Choose an AV equipment vendor carefully and partner with someone who has relevant experience in creating custom-made,unique AV display to meet your needs and truly provide you an outstanding experience. One of the ways is to search online and select a few promising companies that have a talented staff and can build and install whatever you want.


2Size – When it comes to choosing the size of the LCD screen, you need to know your requirement and the kind of impact you want to create. Check with your AV company provider the kind of sizes you need for different reasons. If you want your visitors to pick and play around with a screen, then you can choose a smaller screen that will not be just interactive but easy to use. On the other hand, for a bigger impact or showcasing logos you can choose a big LCD screen that will show logos, videos, and a sign of the company. 


If you want to explore more, you can use a video wall comprised of multiple screens that can be customized according to your needs. So, choose the size according to your goals and objectives.


  1. Placement – The next thing to consider is how to place AV screens in a booth. Do you want them to hang on the wall? Your AV team can think of many creative ideas when it comes to placing AV screens which means they are not meant to mount on a wall only, but they can be used in the air your booth too. This way they can capture the attention of people even from far and notice your message from a distance. Hanging screens are sometimes more effective than closed -in screens and display messages effectively.


Whether you are promoting a newly launched product or just holding a regular event, getting a sales lead is quick and easy with the use of AV screens. The use of the latest technology will help you display product demos, info graphics and animated videos to entertain your visitors. Therefore, this way guests will be more likely to have a visual engagement in more fun and interactive environment.