Top Things That International Students Must Know About UK and London


London as the hub of many world famous universities and attract thousands of international students every year. For most of these students, London will be the first port of call in their life in getting a taste of the entire UK. As a capital city London is multicultural. So a student from any part of the world will see London as a great melting pot.

International StudentsBasic Awareness

International students aiming to study in the UK must do basic homework. That will stand in good stead in terms of what to expect during the study and how to live abroad.

Information: Getting first hand knowledge from someone you already know in the UK will be fine before you start off. Also gather information from the internet. Take initiative in contacting the university to know the details of course content and other arrangements for accommodation.

Funding Options: To find out sources of funding plan your budget for higher education in the UK using the UNAID international student calculator to figure out the expenses for studying and living abroad.

Visa Paperwork: Make sure proper documentation and visas are in place to study in the UK. Take help from local government sources on paperwork if necessary!
The European students should get a European Health Insurance Card to avail free or reduced health care under the National Health Service while in the UK.

Prepare for British Life: UK is a multicultural and welcomes people from all parts of the world. So like-minded students sharing similar background and beliefs will converge in London and become pals.

Weather: UK is cold and wet. So waterproof outfits for winter is a must. The summers are not very hot at all! Student budgets may not be adequate in affording heating all the time, so keeping warm clothes are very essential.

Accommodation: For accommodation, check with the university who have guides to provide information on local accommodation. Also check out the properties listed by landlords in the student letting directory.

Bank Account: If your UK study stretches longer try to get a bank account. This will help to pay the bills and keep money safe. Obtain a student account as proof of student status with a confirmation letter from the University. Student account holders are entitled to numerous benefits including interest free overdraft up to ?2,000.

Cheap international calls

Working current phone will in the UK may be possible as UK operates on the GSM band. Since keeping your current SIM card can be expensive a few options can be using a new SIM card. Pay As You Go (PAYG) will let you know when your credit runs out and can keep an eye on your spending.

Calling Home

There are low-cost international call providers with some calls even under 1ps a minute with the first call free. Also use Skype to call another Skype user back home for free!


Many bus companies in the UK offer a pass called UniRider helping a cheap travel around the city. Trains are the quickest way to get around the UK. The cheapest train fares are available on the First Transpennine Express.


The university authorities can guide you on scholarships to support your studies. Some external charities also offer bursaries for international students in the UK.

Enjoy London City

Once you have got a fair picture of London you may want to spend some good time as holiday in the heart of London city when your parents come visiting our relatives turn up. For that you can try serviced apartments in London. They are very affordable compared to expensive hotels and provide the best amenities, privacy and freedom besides helping to cook ones? own meals in the fully furnished kitchen.

To book a suitable short stay apartment in London, you can seek the help of a reliable letting agency in London who will get you a nice apartment in a Central London location suiting your tastes.

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