Top 8 Ideas/ Strategies You Can Use To Turn Your Cold Leads into Hot Leads at Ease

Top 8 Ideas/ Strategies You Can Use To Turn Your Cold Leads into Hot Leads at Ease

Ideas/ Strategies You Can Use To Turn Your Cold Leads into Hot Leads at Ease

Let’s face this most sales people do make cold calls. And who would not? Essentially you are interrupting someone’s day in order to get something out of them, be it information, a meeting, a new sale or anything else that you wish to name it. For most of us cold calling is dreaded and a daunting tasks that helps in striking the fear down even of the most fearless marketers. So in order to make sure that you are perfecting the cold calling, here are the 10 strategies to never call back again.

Planning Ahead: Who will you be calling? What will you be telling them? When will you be placing your calls? These are a few questions you should be answering the day before you go ahead and make the calls. According to Stephan Schiff man a newyork based trainer and author of cold calling techniques says that blocking out an hour every day for the calls and sticking to them regularly increases the ROI.

Turn Your Cold Leads into Hot Leads

Always have a reason for calling: At a basic level it is very important that you know who your prospects are, what is the job title, which organization are they working for and how it has been organized. Even a small little information about your prospects can here help you learn more and more about them developing a vision. Have a research done on their company current marketing campaigns digging more about the news articles that has been mentioning about them. Using what you know, do show them that you have a vision for their business. You can do this by developing or choosing the pre-existing offers you have been offering them. Webinars, EBooks, and a ROI Calculator can make it clear for you to understand their business.

Not Making a Warm Call: Within the last year or so, there has been a lot of discussion happening in terms of cold calling. It was for a certain period of time believed that cold calling was dead and thanks to LinkedIn. Whereas the truth is a resource like LinkedIn has turned out to be an extension of cold calling since this is something that can be used for warm calling. This here means that you can use LinkedIn or any other means of networking with prospects making an introduction. This could be a brief email introducing you and your company mentioning that you will be calling in a few days.

Watching the tone of your voice: While dealing with your clients you really don’t have to sound sheepish, embarrassed nor arrogant. The ideal tone you can use here is warm, business like, curious and yes straight to the point. One of the best option here is a question or a cut to chase question such as I have got a question. Say for example saying your customer, we are offering a two for the one special during the next thirty days on all the coffee drinks, getting people to the store. I wanted to know if you ever stopped by while shopping in the mall. If no why not? We have got the latest and best ice blended mochas in the town.

Getting Out information before giving it: You need to be asking a lot of questions during the call with your customers, rather than just going ahead and selling your products to them. Try and learn about your prospects business needs and requirements first so that you can easily tailor your pitch. People will not care about you, all that they care about is what you can do for them.

Asking for a referral: The first goal of cold calling of a specific organization might be to close on an in-depth meeting, but it’s really unrealistic to see what’s happening. But this does not mean you can get something out of the call so the very next thing you can do is use a referral. Why? For some it means that the door is not shut. And two a referral gives a name whom you can talk to, may be someone whom you did not even have in the radar. Even better when referred, your call to that specific referral gives you the credibility you would not get anywhere. Infact when you connect with someone based on your referral the likelihood they accept a meeting goes up.

Using A Script: Do you want your prospective clients to come and trust you. And can you for a while forget about publishing trust if you can come across another salesperson. And even if you believe that you have constructed a script, most can still continue to see the pitch coming from a mile away. This is generally believed to be an impersonal tactic turning people off. If you have defined your market audience then you should be able to address their needs and requirements. And in order to do this then you don’t have to rely on the generic set of questions or responses peaking their interest.

Get off your chair and front of the mirror: It might really seem to be silly watching yourself in the mirror as you begin to talk, but a mirror is something that will make you smile and smiling will make you more confident. It’s also recommended to stand up and make calls, as you begin to feel better and animated enough. Using a tape recorder will also be helpful as it helps you gauge how you come across on the phone. Having your calls recorded and listening to them repeatedly can help you spot out problems and correct them at ease.

To Conclude:

That’s all for all the cold calling strategies this time around? What about you? Any tips that you would like to share with your peers? Do leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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