11 Benefits of Email Marketing for Small Business owner


Despite the success of email marketing compared to other forms of marketing and advertising, it seems most small business owners remain puzzled about the benefits of reaching their customers’ inbox.

Small business owners often look at email marketing as a form of spam or an outdated approach to getting the word out about deals, discounts, promotions and announcements. But the fact remains; email marketing is a strategy that works. With an average ROI of $44 to every $1 spent, small businesses opting to pass on building an email list and sending regular email to their list are passing on the opportunity to increase their revenue and more.

Here are 11 benefits of email marketing you can count on if you decide to utilize email in your marketing approach.

1 – Multi-Purpose

With the cost attached to a lot of marketing from mailers to local television advertisements, it not possible to marketing everything that your customers would benefit from.

However, with email marketing, your messages don’t have to be confined to one purpose. You can email announcements, offers, newsletters, event reminders, contest announcements, campaigns to build your social media following and so much more.

Email marketing provides businesses an easy marketing approach that can be used for just about any purpose. Whether you want to let people know about a promotion, updates, new products or whatever, you can do it cost effectively with email.

2 – Measurable

There is no other marketing tactic that allows you to measure your results as specifically as email marketing.

When you send an email campaign to your list, you can get actionable insight almost instantly and over time. You’ll find out which messages get the best response, what people are clicking on and how people are interacting with your message. This process allows business owners to make actionable decisions moving forward.

3 – Integrate

Email marketing is easy to integrate into your social media marketing strategy as well as other marketing strategies. You can build your email list through your social media pages by adding a form to your Facebook page or including links to your sign up in posts and tweets.

Email marketing also allows you to get quick results on messages you could potentially use in other areas of your marketing strategy. Want to test a headline, find out which video will perform best, utilize email marketing to help you see what appeals to your audience the most.

4 – Targeted

There is no other form of marketing that allows you to target at such an in-depth level as email marketing. Any data you use can help you target a specific audience to help drive better results and fully optimize your email marketing approach.

5 – Loyalty

A loyalty program has been shown to help bring customers back regularly, and email marketing can do the same. A timely message from your business can help bring customers back time and time again. Regular updates about your business also help individuals feel more tied to what you’re doing and in turn more loyal to your business.

6 – Reach

Once upon a time email was primarily used when people were on their desktop computer, but that’s no longer the case. You can reach your customers at any time with email on mobile devices. Your customers can receive your message no matter where they are at any time.

7 – Timing

We’ve all heard, timing is everything and with email marketing, you can set the exact time you want your message to get sent. This allows you to drive traffic when it’s going to be best for your business. A restaurant can send a timely email before the weekend or during a slow time to bring in more patrons when they need them the most.

Email makes it easy to get your message out their when you want it out there.

8 – Affordability

Just a single mailer can cost hundreds of dollars without offering the tracking, reach or the results you’re really looking for. Email marketing in many cases is much more affordable whether you do it for yourself or even if you outsource your email marketing.

9 – Traffic

For so many businesses, an increase in traffic means an increase in revenue. Whether you’re looking to drive traffic to your Website or your location, you can do it with email marketing.

With the right deal or announcement, you can ensure you’re driving traffic with your email campaigns.

10 – Conversion

11 – Revenue

As mentioned above, the average ROI for email marketing is $44 for every $1 you spend. Email marketing brings in revenue when it’s done right for your business. And isn’t that why any business is in business?

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Ben Webster has been working in email marketing for more than four years and specializes in email marketing for EngineInbox. You can connect with Ben on Google + here.


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