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Preschool is a concept that has gained momentum all over the world today. It is the primary education or training given to a child before it starts with the obligatory school education. Preschool in Bangalore city is usually designed for children between the age of three and five. During the early years, a child is very receptive to knowledge and can learn significantly.

The environment of the child affects the cognitive skills and emotional skills it develops in these years. Disadvantaged children or children with special needs also show improvement in a preschool. Special needs children, especially those with an attention deficit disorder (ADD) or other learning problems, do particularly well in a good preschool because of the individual attention given to each student. According to the National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER), more than 40 percent of 3 and 4-year-olds were in a preschool in 2005.

Specific preschool approaches include:

  • Montessori program
  • High Scope approach
  • Waldorf approach
  • Bank Street approach

Preschools sometimes operate as play groups where children learn through activities and games. The environment in a preschool or playgroup must stimulate learning and development of children. Children are given opportunities to interact with other children and perform activities that challenge their thinking and develop important skills for the future. Young children or preschoolers initiate their own learning activities and are not passive recipients of information. Active learning encourages children to solve many intellectual, social, and physical problems at an early age.

The curriculum in a Preschool in Bangalore city is essentially child-centric and developed by observing and understanding a child’s strengths and aptitude. Basic literacy and numeric skills are part of the curriculum in all preschools today. Language, music, and group activities are also vital components in preschools.

Studies show that preschool children are very receptive to stimuli and are eager to experience the world by touch, smell, taste, and sight. Preschool children are quick learners who pick up skills by performing activities themselves. A balance of indoor and outdoor space as well as active and quiet play is essential for preschoolers. Preschoolers are easily able to pick up concepts that are based on number, distance, size, color, texture, and so on.

Education of best kids nursery school in Bangalore has short hours and is closed for holidays and summer, though some may offer vacation options. In contrast, daycare centers have longer hours and are a choice of working parents as they provide care, food, and entertainment to children for the whole day. Daycare centers and preschools may have similar licensing requirements, and often have comparable costs too. Many preschools can be part of child care or day care programs.

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