Life At A Coworking Space Amid COVID

Life At A Coworking Space Amid COVID

Life At A Coworking Space Amid COVID

COVID-19 has changed our lives beyond imagination.  Coworking was rising steadily before the pandemic. Now, the coworking spaces are adapting to the new normal. Initial days were quite challenging with learning ways to work around the pandemic. Now half a year down the line with a pandemic, we are learning ways to keep ourselves safe and also others safe at the same time. Life has changed drastically. Adapting to new ways slowly but steadily we are learning to take small steps towards life and work.

The coworking space is also adapting to needed changes creatively in smart ways.  Let’s take a look at how the shared office space is adapting to daily lives with COVID-19.

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Remote work is here to stay

With the economy tumbling down and safety taking priority, the majority of the workforce around the globe is expected to work from home for a very long time or permanently. Many US companies such as Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft have given indications for the continuation of work from home options for next year too. An MIT report suggests that 34% of the Americans going to office will be working from home. Before COVID-19, 4% of the working population were working remotely. The numbers are expected to increase to 30% soon.

COVID-19 has successfully eradicated the belief that work gets done only in workplaces. Remote working is meeting the expectations as seen in the past few months. So, it does not matter if the lockdown ends and workplaces are completely open. When the risk of COVID-19 reduces people would like to move around to places and companies will need spaces for employees to work in spaces nearer to their home.

How will coworking space aid work professionals and companies?

The furnished office space has taken a brunt during these COVID-19 months. But the founders of coworking spaces are optimistic about the business to pick up in the near future. The coworking industry is expecting that the companies would opt for multiple small offices rather than one big establishment. The coworking space in Bangalore is expected to thrive as companies will restructure their workforce.

Coworking spaces are taking a keen look at their floor plans and adapting the norms of minimal distance for safety. The safety of the people in the coworking space is the priority today. Hence the sanitization process and cleaning of the premises are vital. Before the pandemic, the cleaning activity was always conducted behind the scenes when the floor was empty. Now the cleaning and sanitization are done in the presence of the employees. This has been an essential daily routine to assure employees are comfortable and safe in their workspace.

Life At A Coworking Space Amid COVID

The concept of 6 feet distance between two workstations to make co-workers feel safe has been the prime focus. Strict implementation of rules for sanitization and safety of the workstations and commonly shared utilities is vital during these times. 

Detailed sanitization process of the workplace along with regular antiviral spray would gain the confidence of the co-workers to use the shared space comfortably. Defined rules of co-working space such as handwashing, sanitizers, and face masks would create community care in the shared space.

Coworking spaces were known for their community interaction in pre-pandemic times. Now, the same is carried out virtually through online community meetings instead of in the business centers in workspaces. So, networking will continue to thrive during these trying times of COVID-19.

COVID-19 has made us pause, think, plan, and respond to live and grow. These past few months have made us realize our potential to adapt and survive is stronger than the virus. Though we are susceptible it is time to take precautions and still live and work as normal as we can.

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