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      1. my dream is to become an astronomer i was dreaming of being an astronomer since i was 5 years old when i was KJ1 and tell last week i was studying astronomy at home cause i'm 14 y.o and i have school and stuff but then i realized that being an astronomer isn't my actual dream like if i'm older i don't want my job just to look at the sky and study the universe… but i kept studying astronomy.

        afterwards i started reading and lately i've been dwelling in the writing arts so i started writing scripts and songs but i don't know… being a writer is really my big dream?
        then i started taking piano lessons and now i can play piano appropriately but being a musician is really my big dream?
        i've been doing so much lately but tell this moment i cannot identify my big dream… as i said earlier i'm 14 years old so, is it really hard to find your dream at this age?

        1. I used to dream of become an engineer when I was younger. But unfortunately, I've destroyed it by becoming something completely wrong and quit collage… I really hate myself.

          Sad thing is though, there was a song about what are you going to be when you grow up I used to scream loudly (I WANT TO BE AN ENGINEER!)

          1. My friend, it is NEVER too late to get that degree. There are many on line schools that are certified and genuine schools that offer what you are wanting. The cost is less that the brick and morter schools and the instruction is often personal and with the actual professor. I would recommend to look at COLORADO STATE University. One of my children received her degree from there, on line, and loved the whole process. Good luck and LIVE YOUR DREAM. IT IS NEVER TOO LATE FOR LEARNING.

          2. Ever since I was very little I wanted to sing on (THE GRAND OLE OPRY).Pretty big dream eh.Well my husband was trying to arrange a visit on my 60th birthday in April but sadly he passed away of lung cancer.He was saying even if it was 5 o'clock in the morning with no one around. He just wanted me to be able to sing to him standing on the grand ole opry stage. We used up all of our savings for his natural treatments so now my dream is on hold again but I will never stop dreaming.To stop dreaming is to give up and I will never give up.

          3. Everything I just read is right on, except for one thing. PATIENCE. I am 54 and have been through a lot in my lifetime. I now have nothing but my belief in God and my Dream/Vision. I have learned threw out all of my trials, many errors, and failing in every choice that I have made that I have to have the Patience. God tests us in all of these areas. I will never, ever give up. I have a Dream and that Dream WILL come true.

          4. never give up mate , collage is not ur life , ur life IS ur life , if u want to be engineer then be —-learn by ur self read be ur self go by ur self
            r u saying that u need a piece of paper written on it engineer to prove to ur self that u achieved ur dreams ? if it is then ya u already lost .

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