How does Light pollution affect the world? – New facts

Signage : Switched off in the night !
Nowadays, ecology is an important topic in many countries in the world; that is why we can see lots of laws (or proposed legislations for the moment) fighting illuminated signs and switched on windows after store closing.
Everybody is debating about it.
On the one hand, some people think that it is a good idea and has a double goal. It aims to reduce energy wastage when the energy transition is most pressing. Then, it helps to fight against light pollution because it has a negative impact on both part of the wildlife and humans. The light aura caused by windows and signage prevents some nocturnal species to reproduce or even hunting. In addition, studies show the link between cancer development and night lighting, the latter affecting the production of melatonin.Light pollution in the world
They also believe that such a measure permits companies to reduce costs through energy savings and avoids advertising competition between retailers. By the way many people think that switching illuminated signs and showcases on in the night is not really useful because 95% of the population is sleeping (obviously hotels, nightclubs and other shops opened at night are not taken into account by this law).
On the other hand, some people think that it is not a good idea because it will increase insecurity in cities; without light near buildings, shops or car parks it is going to be easier for thieves to not be seen or taken in video.
Then this law against light pollution at night can increase the difference between small and big companies because small companies won’t be able to pay such a fine (this problem can be resolved because in some countries, the fine depends on the company turnover).
Moreover, people against this kind of law think that retailers and restorers are paying electricity, it is not the government so they can do what they want with it.
Between these two points of view strongly opposed, some think that the amicable solution would be to leave the light or signs and install movement detectors.
Ways to act for change
Nowadays, the law exists in many countries and most of the time it only concerns cities with more than 100 000 inhabitants from 1am to 6pm.
People living in big cities join small groups gathered around the fight against light pollution. They do direct and nonviolent actions which are regularly conducted in various cities. They consist of off brands that often remain on all night, lowering levers switches inter-fire located outside shops. As signs are often commercial actions debunkers join the movement in their struggle against aggression advertising.
Another way is that citizens can talk to retailers and restorers, to raise their awareness about energy waste and light pollution. Consumers have an enormous power of persuasion so they can use it for a worthy cause.
The ecological transition of the society requires everyone participation. People want to act with stakeholders to raise awareness and encourage them to change their habits. 
And you, what is your opinion about the question ?


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