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Do you want to shield your garage floor from oil stains? Still looking for the best garage floor mat? Our convenient-to-install garage floor mats are wonderful to conceal your cement’s stains and fissures; they are highly durable and are made to last for several years. We have the best-selling containment mat in the business. You take out your tools and think of working on your car or a different project that you are only able to work on the day off, hoping that everything goes smoothly but instead a mishap occurs and you are left with a puddle and the garage becomes a complete wreck with oil and other fluids that spread everywhere throughout the garage floor. Garage floor containment mats will fix that problem immediately. 

Garage floor containment mats for your car are the quick solution for those aimed at protecting their garage floor from chemicals, scratches, and contaminants, while at the same time turning their floor into a more satin sheen. These floor coverings are one of the most popular garage flooring choices and are available in a variety of fabrics, shapes, shades, and designs of the surface tread. Garage floor mats can shield the asphalt from oil stains and from the contaminants that your vehicle stores. They can also conceal hideous cracks and stains in the concrete, and safeguard your garage floor against all the odds.

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Garage containment mats are heavy-duty mats that do not need installation and are designed to cover the floor of your garage. This isolation pad is not the usual Snap-On edging lightweight mat. It comprises thermally-welded fabric with embedded edges. The sizes are approximate and somewhat vary slightly. The trucking industry uses this very same material, and it is now safe to be used in your own garage.

These mats are easy to wash. Make one person stand at the front top if you have a helping hand, and use rollmops to brush it all out. No helping hand? No problem. Only use a fine, dry-wet vacuum. What about warehousing? Wash it, allow it to soak, fold it up and then save later. Anything you drag into your garage comes off your car and to the floor. This garage containment mat protects from it all. Our garage containment mats have the following capabilities:

  • Heavy-duty and reliable
  • Working even on wet days and don’t fall off
  • Can be tailored to suit most of any size
  • Keep a smooth shape even under tires
  • Provide edges elevated that would contain water, mud, dirt, dust, chemicals, etc. 
  • No fitting required and it can also be folded for space
  • The built-in (improved) sealing layer protects your entire garage floor off the snow, frost, and dirt.
  • For durability and operability, the thermally-sealed watertight seams are strengthened and thermal welded. Just transpire the mat and they’re fully prepared to use.

The containment mat consists of a folded sheet containing accumulated liquids, and a containment sheet that absorbs them. The isolation layer keeps the absorbing sheet in a place completely by surface tension between both the two surfaces and is thus quickly scrapped and replaced. AutoFloorGuard is the only manufacturer online to sell custom-sized, personalized containment mats! We are proud of not only our output but also of our eye for detail.