Medical negligence lawsuit Attorneys New York – How to Be Sure If You Have a Case


Medical malpractice lawsuit is a technically challenging field of law. This specific domain involves a wider range of issues to determine if you have a valid medical malpractice case. It is one of those types that drag long in the court and are quite expensive as well. Complexity involved explains why you need an expert’s opinion to file a compensation claim.

Two Basic Factors

Every medical malpractice cases share two common points. The first one a medical professional – the person might be a doctor or a nurse or a medical technician – committed a mistake while treating you. The ‘mistake’ involves a wider range of aspects including failure to perform, usually referred to as medical negligence. The second factor is only an expert physician can find out if such mistake – inadvertent or deliberate – has harmed you and if yes, the degree of severity.

Just like any other case, there is a fixed time frame within which a victim has to file a medical malpractice case. General time length is two years; however, the actual limit depends on the state rule. Time limit is counted since when you suffered medical malpractice.

Standard Care

Medical malpractice is not limited by only the doctor’s  mistake that caused you harm but also refers to a situation when a doctor did not administer proper treatment to his patients. In other words, he failed to offer standard care. If it can be proved that a plaintiff did not receive appropriate care during his hospital stay or while being under supervision of a doctor, his case has enough ground to be pursued as a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Link between Cause & Harm

It is crucial to prove that what you have suffered has been caused due to the doctor’s negligence or mistake. According to the medical malpractice attorneys New York, you have a case if it is proved that your condition has taken to a worse turn after receiving medical treatment. A case usually does not stand on an allegation of misdiagnosis. However, if wrong diagnosis creates new problems or worsens your physical condition, then it has a strong ground for medical malpractice.

Eye Witness

Witness adds value to a legal case. In fact, in most of the legal cases including medical malpractice, witness is a usual requirement. Apart from tabling documents that can prove the link between your suffering and medical negligence on part of a professional, an expert’s opinion is required to show that medical malpractice actually occurred in your case.

Specialist Lawyer Wanted

The cases of medical malpractice refer to a different domain of law, so it calls for a specialist’ advice. The person should be well acquainted with state specific rules and verdicts in similar cases. In addition, he must have a long history of impressive success record that can represent his excellence in this regard without any doubt.


Author’s Bio: Author’s Bio: Sandra Joseph is a medical malpractice lawyer. She has treasure of experience in this field and writes a blog on the subject topic. In this article, she has guided her readers how they can find good medical malpractice attorneys New York.


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