Eyelash enhancers reviews, how to care eyelashes

Eyelash enhancers reviews, how to care eyelashes

What does mascara do to your eyes?

Mascara stays on top of the list of most used cosmetics. Mascara not only makes your lashes look bigger, but beautifies the eyes and makes them look bigger as well. A complete makeup look cannot work without your mascara. Mascara is used on a daily basis by most of the women. Eyelash enhancer reviews reveal what kind of effect mascara has on the eyes of women and why women love wearing it daily.

Eyelash enhancers reviews

Mascara: Then and Now

If we look into the Egyptian era, we will find out that women of that time were responsible for creating something black that took the shape of a cake which was suppressed. This was the basis of our very own mascara. Because mascara made the eyes of the women and pharaohs of that time look beautiful, it became an essential part of their cosmetics.

Back then, mascara was only available in a suppressed cake form. Afterwards, it was transformed into a lotion like substance which is now filled in tubes or jars. There
is not a single woman who can resist the temptation of long, stunning, drop-dead-gorgeous eye lashes that rightly applied mascara can create.

Role of mascara in making lashes beautiful

Nobody wants thin and tiny lashes. All women go crazy when they look at the female models and actresses sporting long, thick lashes to die for. Mascara has the ability to make your eyes look bigger by spreading out your lashes and making them look thicker. They can give your eyes and eyelashes an exotic look; you can also create different looks ranging from trendy to chic and classy.

The application of mascara is extremely easy; you just have to know how thick you want your lashes to be. Mascara also makes it possible for you to give a sexy curl to your eyelashes with the help of an eyelash curler.

Mascara Ingredients

While mascara makes your eyes look gorgeous, there are certain ingredients in this product you need to be aware of. The impact that mascara creates usually depends on the ingredients that are used in it; moreover you have to be made sure that all the ingredients in your mascara are safe to be used.

In the beginning when mascara was manufactured, the producers included a lot of harmful chemicals like turpentine. However, with the passage of time, makeup producers have stopped including such ingredients and have started manufacturing mascara with the inclusion of protein. Protein not only makes the eyelash look longer, but it is healthy for your lashes and makes them grow and become longer. Organic mascaras are also in use these days because they are eco-friendly and are very healthy for your eyelashes.

Does it affect Lash Health?

As mentioned earlier, mascara used to be made from mercury and turpentine. These elements were damaging to the eye lashes, making them week and eventually fall off and giving you thin lashes. However things have changed now, mascaras are being manufactured using ingredients that are not just for cosmetic purposes, but also contribute to the health of your eyelashes. The organic compounds and proteins present in many types of mascara enable your eyelashes to gain strength and grow longer. People often ask how to care for eyelashes? Applying organic mascara is possibly the best answer to this query. Find the kind of mascara that contains moisturizers and water contents in order to make your eyelashes get healthier and softer. To know more about how to care for eyelashes it is best to go through eyelash enhancer reviews so that you can get an idea about the kind of mascara that actually works.

Harmful effects of mascara

1. What Poor Application of Mascara Does to Lashes

A lot of girls do not know how to apply mascara. Poor application of mascara may lead to a lot of issues for the eyes as well as eyelashes. Following are some results of poor application;

  1. Thick coating leads to clumpy eyelashes
  2. If only tips are covered with mascara, the lashes aren’t going to look uniform
  3. Using the wrong color of mascara will lead to unnatural lashes
  4. Smudging the mascara by blinking hardly may lead to irritation in the eyes

2. What Does Mascara Do to Eyelashes with Improper Care?

How to care for eyelashes is a common question asked by mascara users. However, if you don’t take care of your eyelashes properly then your mascara can do more harm than good. The most important thing is to make sure you use a quality product; otherwise the cheap ingredients used in your mascara can damage your eyes and eyelashes.

If you are careless and don’t take your mascara off before going to bed then your eyelashes will start to fall off and become thinner. Mascara makes your eyelashes stiff which consequently makes them breakable; therefore if you don’t carefully take your mascara off you can easily break your eyelashes. Read the following reasons why you need to care for your lashes while applying mascara.

Here are a few quick tips that you can use to make the best use of your mascara;

  • Use eyelash curler before application of mascara
  • Remove all makeup including mascara before sleeping at night
  • Use mild mascara removing agents to remove it
  • Change your mascara after every three months’ time period
  • Try to have breaks and do not apply mascara all the time


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