7 Practical Ways To Quit Smoking

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time, one step at a time. You’ll be surprised after awhile with all the progress you’ve made and how far you’ve come. 🙂
new roman’, times; font-size: 20px;”>Step 2: Bag a distraction. I hate to promote distractions here, as they are the stuff that we were always warned about in the school, but in this case your mind needs a diversion away from smoking, and a distraction will provide you with just that. I would suggest things like reading a new book or taking up a new hobby. But, if you’re not a bookworm or a hobby DIY junkie then try watching a new TV series, going for a hike, visiting an art gallery, meeting a new special someone, or going to new places. As a rule of thumb, avoid hanging out with other friends who smoke or places that you used to hang out together and smoke. After you’ve been able to kick the habit it will be much easier for you to say “No thank you”, but in the initial days, avoid smokers, smoking lounges, and smoking places like a plague.
new roman’, times; font-size: 20px;”>Step 4: Research different quit-smoking aids if you are finding it extremely difficult to get over the need for nicotine immediately. There are several out on the market like nicotine gums, eshisha sticks, patches, and other prescription meds. While you might feel a tad childish needing a crutch to be weaned off smoking, these all will help to reduce the nicotine cravings that you may have.
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work, are feelings stressed, or have had a tense day at work. Studies have shown that most smokers smoke because they feel high anxiety and stress levels. If you immediately quit smoking, these levels may rise very high while you are getting used to no nicotine. Having daily exercise to keep the oxygen and blood circulation in your body is a good way to lower your stress levels. Yoga, dancing, and other meditative breathing exercises may also help.
new roman’, times; font-size: 20px;”>Step 7: Be strict with yourself. No matter how much you want to reward yourself with a cigarette, don’t. Look for other means of enjoyment that will not tear down your health, but rather build it up. No occasion should be seen as a good time to take just one cigarette, as this will lead to another. Stay clear of it.

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