Effective Guidelines To Choose And Apply Removable Wall Decals

Removable wall decals can liven up any house, giving it what it needs to make it a home. Since they can be removed at will without damaging the walls, they are a popular and relatively inexpensive option for decorating walls. Contrary to common opinion, wall decals are not just for children. There are several designs suitable for adults and different rooms such as the bedroom, living room, or the kitchen. RoommatesDecor.com is a good website to find just the right wall decal for your home.

Removable wall decals do not deface walls when they are taken off. This makes them ideal for rented houses where homeowners are touchy about marks on the walls. Even if you own a house yourself, wall decals make sense because they can be conveniently removed if you want to sell the property.

Removable Wall Decals


Choosing wall decal designs

Before you go shopping for wall decals, keep the proportions of your walls in mind as well as the size of any furniture that is placed near the wall where you intend to place the decal. Wall decals should enhance the beauty of the room, not add to the clutter. They look best when there is some empty space around them for balance.

You can find various wall decal designs at RoommatesDecor.com. Wall decal designs are available in mind-boggling varieties. You can choose from letters, flowers, trees, animals, or even quotes. There are decals designed like blackboards that can be used just like traditional blackboards. Murals, borders, appliques, or even stickers are available.

The decal design should complement the color of the walls. Remember that the color of the decal should contrast with the color of the wall in order to stand out. Keep the color of the curtains and the furniture in the room as well. You should choose a color that is in harmony with the existing color palette of the room and its components.

Decal designs for adults can be theme-based like geometric designs, spiritual, mystical, nature, sports, art, still life, cars, and many more. They can also be personalized by enlarging personal photos and converted into stickers.

A mismatched room with clashing colors can be brought together by the skilful use of wall decals with the right combination of colors or a color that connects all the different colors in the room.

For modern homes, a single-color wall decal is suitable since it matches with furnishings of all colors. Traditional colors like gray, brown, olive, light blue, and chocolate work well with most homes. If you feel like getting more aggressive, you can try colors like red, white, orange, electric blue, and black.

Surfaces for wall decals

When you’re buying wall decals, ensure that you check which surfaces are best for them. Usually, they stick best to smooth painted walls. Rough surfaces like textured walls or those with wallpaper can make it difficult for decals to adhere. Tiles are also not the best surface for sticking wall decals.

Choosing the right space for wall decals

If you have a long, empty hallway with bare walls, a decal is a good way to bring some life to the space. You can emphasize a prominent piece of furniture by adding a wall decal on a nearby blank wall. Place the wall decal in an area where one’s attention will be drawn first, such as the wall opposite the main door.

Applying wall decals

Removable wall decals have the advantage of being repositioned if you don’t get it right the first time. Ensure that the surface to which you’re applying the wall decal is dry, smooth, and clean. You can wipe the concerned wall with mild soap and water. You can use painter’s tape to work out the arrangement of your wall decals, if you intend to put several pieces together.

Peel the sticker from the non-adhesive backing. Use a stiff object like a piece of cardboard to gently guide the decal on the wall and remove air bubbles. You can use a soft cloth to press the middle and the edges firmly onto the wall.

If you want to remove a wall decal, gently and slowly peel it off the wall to prevent tearing. For resistant decals, use a hair dryer to warm it before attempting to peel it off.

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