Convey your message about religion and the great truth to be heard

It can be very exciting to find the great truth, something that explains and orders the world around you by providing guidance and support. As you feel the greatness of your realization it is hard not to simply stop or you are and shout its praises to the world. However, granting strangers as they pass by and staring them in the eye as you excitedly share your message may make you more enemies than friends. However pure message and altruistic your intentions, you must be able to communicate them in such a way that they can be heard.

The bigger your message, the more time people may need to process it. If people are not given enough time and space to think about ideas that are presented to them they may reject them simply out of panic. While the answers you are proclaiming may now seem obvious to you, it is important to remember that each person has their own personal path to take when searching for meaning. Rather than simply throwing yourself at anyone who will pause long enough to hear you, you may be more effective in conveying your message if you allow people to approach it on their own time and in their own way.

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1. Look for interest

Not every moment is as good as the next for broaching a subject. Many times, and earnest message can be lost when it is presented in a way that is not in tune with its immediate context. Like a child on the eve of Christmas it can be hard to wait to unwrap a gift or to present a gift to another. However, there is a time and a place for everything and even the most beautiful gift can be denigrated when the circumstances are in conflict with its appreciation. Wait for an opening that leads seamlessly to your topic rather than trying to force it into a space in which it cannot fit.

2. Understand your audience

An exchange of ideas that flowed perfectly and left all participants feeling elevated may take an entirely different turn when those involved are changed. One of the most common errors that people make is the assumption of shared ideas where in reality divergence exists. You must learn as much about those with whom you wish to share your message, as you would like for them to learn about what you have to say. No effective communication is purely unidirectional your ability to discover your audience is key to developing the type of true connection necessary to open people’s minds and hearts.

3. Give people time

Sometimes, the best way to help people hear your message about religion is to let them have the time they need in order to process the invitation. People are searching for answers. Sometimes, however, because of the frenzied nature of modern life they build walls to defend themselves against the unexpected. You may find that no matter what those walls are unassailable, to steep to climb. Instead, you will have to wait until they open the doors from within and invite you to step inside. This does not mean that you should sit idly by. Instead, providing people with the opportunity to let their eyes wander over an idea while they have no pressure to choose between acceptance and rejection can be an important method for gaining the confidence. Creating a poster or flyer that reaches out to share your jubilation is the perfect way to communicate in a nonthreatening manner.

4. Keep it simple

The truth is both elaborately complex and surprisingly simple. Rather than communicating an entire lifetime’s worth of understanding only to overwhelm the recipient, it is best to focus on fundamental aspects. There is great beauty in these types of primary ideas the complexity of which will never be discovered should their foundation be rejected.

5. Send an invitation

It is not possible for you to be aware of all of the individuals and opportunities to share your message. The circumstances for conversation may not present themselves or an individual may not be in the right frame of mind at an appropriate time. Hosting an event that invites those who are seeking the truth is an excellent way to share in your happiness. Ensuring that your event comes to the attention of those who wish to be reached is not always easy. It took the great artists of the Renaissance years to complete the masterpieces that conveyed their inner light. However, you need not fret as you are not the first nor will you be the last. There are a great number of resources that have been provided by those who, like you, are filled with a light to share. A wonderful site to help you create the perfect call can be found here.

With these steps, I hope to have helped in some small way as you share your knowledge of all that is good with those in the world around you.

Peace be with you. Amen.

Photo credit: Keith Davenport

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