How to write a good article?

Quick Tips on How to Write an Article

A good essay is an article which does not contain mistakes in grammar, it consists of ideas which are interesting and may influence the readers. The article brings the feeling of the reader into a positive mood, through its English construction, it must not have any flaws on spelling and grammar. The use of proper word order is also essential.
The article must be meaningful, it must contain something that is informative and show its significance. There must be harmony in the words, it must not have fluff, rather full of information. To add something nice to the English way of speaking, the grammar should not be the ordinary English, it should be a witty way of speaking.
 How to write an essay
The writer should use regular English and not use the translation of other unknown words. A writer could have a good English, but may have a correction in other areas, so the value to keep is being accurate and excellent as you can.
A good article is when it is comprehensive. The words are in proper order, so that it could address the information. If the words are jumbled in the paragraph, it does not make sense. You are there to write to explain something and not create another chaos. You are the means of how information would be conveyed. Your purpose is to clarify things and elaborate details.
In a writing a good article, it must be correct in grammar, properly use the symbols such as (:;-“”, etc.). The article must be plagiarism free. Anyone does not want something which is a repetition of something. We want fresh ideas. We don’t want to see the same words all over again. We want new ones, that is the purpose of an article, to provide information. Sites and other published forms of communication needs new ideas to make communication effective. The site will be nourished if there is a lot of information provided, they keep the site circulating.
The article must be fed with a lot of information and not fluff. You should never use informal words. Try not to abbreviate the words as it is not the right place. You have to keep the writing professional. If the requester asks for informal kind of blog, only then you could be informal. Your words could include the informal words and expression usually heard from someone such as “OMG.”


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