Right Nutrition for Stronger Teeth in Children?

Right Nutrition for Stronger Teeth in Children

Originally posted on January 22, 2020 @ 3:26 pm

What is the Right Nutrition for Stronger Teeth in Children?

Every kid must maintain strong and healthy teeth. The most common method to do so is by cleaning their teeth twice a day using the right toothpaste. They can also do so by rinsing their mouths more often with either homemade or industrial mouthwash. You should, however, know that those are not the only methods to maintain healthy teeth. Consumption of a nutritious diet also plays a significant role in ensuring the proper health of children’s teeth. You need to know which vitamins and minerals are essential and incorporate them into their diet. Below is a list of foods that you should include in children’s nutritional diet to help them maintain stronger teeth.

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Dairy products

Dairy products are remarkable when it comes to strengthening children’s teeth. Including some eggs, milk, and cheese in their diet can be very beneficial to the health of their teeth. For instance, cheese contains high levels of calcium, which is the foundation of healthy bones. That is similar to milk and eggs. It also helps in regulating the PH levels in the mouth. That is by reducing the amount of acid, which tends to create a favorable breeding ground for bacteria. The best type of cheese includes those that are hard and aged. That is why kids need to start the day with a glass of milk. In case your kid’s teeth get chipped off then make sure you act fast and replace them with an acero 3s crown. 



Water is mandatory for any child’s diet. After every meal, kids need to drink water and wash off the food particles in the mouth. Consumption of water also boosts the manufacture of saliva in the mouth. You should also remember that water contains various minerals, which are vital in enhancing the strength of your teeth and promoting its general health. So instead of opting for a glass of fresh juice after a meal, you should give them a glass of water instead. That is going to come in handy.

Green leafy vegetables

There are very many teeth-friendly leafy vegetables that should never miss on any child’s diet. These include spinach, curly kale, collards, chard, and watercress. These green leafy vegetables contain both folic acid and calcium. The folic acid, which is a type of vitamin B, is famous for maintaining healthy gums, and calcium is essential for the growth of bones and strong, healthy teeth. You should thus make sure that you include leafy greens in children’s nutrition at least once a day if you want to enhance their dental health.


Unsweetened gum

You should take note of the first bit, which is “unsweetened.” These are gums that have less or no sugar. Giving your children such gums tend to improve or boost the formation of saliva in their mouths. With saliva present, there will be regulation of pH to prevent the formation of plaque. It will also be easy to wash off any food particles available on the surface of your teeth. Coupling this with water ensures your kids never end up having dry mouths, which can lead to various dental problems. That means you should make them chew the gums once in a while.

Nutty foods

Nuts are also part of the nutritional diet for stronger teeth. That is because nuts contain phosphorus and calcium, which are some of the main elements required for healthy teeth. For instance, phosphorus is responsible for the formation of strong jaws and teeth. It also works with other vitamins in the diet to ensure fantastic oral health. Example of nutty foods that contain plenty of crucial elements includes cashew nuts, almonds, and Brazil nuts, among many others. With these nuts, be sure that your kids will end up having healthy and stronger teeth. 


Strawberries and cranberries

Having strawberries and cranberries as part of your children’s diet is a brilliant way of ensuring they don’t end up having plaque of cavities. That is because these berries are rich in polyphenols, just like green tea. The nutrient provides an environment that deprives plaque favorable conditions to spread further. By doing so, your children will continue maintaining stronger and healthy teeth. 


The above nutritional diets are so far some of the main dietary components that should never miss in your children’s menu. The stated foods come with various elements, vitamins, and nutrients that are very important in maintaining stronger teeth. Don’t forget to include the likes of onions, wasabi, soy, sesame seeds, sweet potatoes, and black coffee, among others. Such meals are going to see you spend so little on your dentist while your kids maintain vibrant smiles and healthy teeth. You should, however, keep them from indulging in sweet gums and other sugary products that pause a danger on their teeth.