18 Signs that the Girl Will Cause You Only the Trouble

18 Signs that the Girl Will Cause You Only the Trouble

Signs that the Girl Will Cause You Only the Trouble

In most cases, when a man starts to come on a girl that he likes he sees the target and does his best to achieve it. Usually, such a man is so obsessed with seducing a woman that he does not think about the future and consequently later regrets having made up with such a disaster. Of course, sometimes girls are perfect in hiding their cons. Therefore, is it worth to approach a shy girl and how to separate the sheep from the goats, an ideal partner from a very big trouble?

Usually, it takes weeks/months to single out such ladies, but if you do not, you may waste years trying to get rid of a problem woman. We have collected 18 most common signs that will make you keep a weather eye open with your girl.

Here we go! A woman can become a burden, if she:

18 Signs that the Girl Will Cause You Only the Trouble


Answers the typical softball questions (“How old are you?”, “What are going to eat?”(in a restaurant)) in an evasive manner like “Guess!”

Constantly and ecstatically complains about everything, whether it is a salary, boss, broken computer, sick relatives from Russia that need her money, but cannot get as she lost a purse etc. Looks more depressed after you did not offer her to help/buy/repair/give the money/deal with the case.

Is proud that keeps in touch with all her exes. Ex-boyfriends are the best friends with whom she regularly meets. The last one rents a room in her apartment.

Loves karaoke (but frankly cannot hold a tune to save her life), posts her nude photos (while even her elbows are not thin) and got a Chinese hieroglyph tattooed that means either a wildcat or noodles with meat on her butt.

Always in an incomprehensible grief. Despite the most thoughtless, brave romantic tries to impress her or just make her smile, a reaction of this “suspicious” woman in better case is saying “Cool” in a sluggish, sad manner.

Allows you to kiss her and touch her intimate and indiscreet places for hours, while hardly breathing and groaning loudly. However, every time you suggest to move from a car or a bench to a more secluded place like your apartment, rises in revolt like “I am not a girl like that!”, “Isn’t it too fast?!” for a few months at a run.

Asks different unnecessary details about your wife like a foot size, perfume or a menstrual cycle.

Talks about your beautiful unborn children on the second date trying to turn it into a joke. For the next hour, she is begging you to book a hotel room or rent a house at the coast for the next summer, as it is cheaper being proud that you already have romantic plans a year ahead.

Having heard your negative remark or comment about her behavior or appearance blows her cork saying, “Let’s break up then!” or “Look for another prettier/more obedient/thinner girl”.

Asks her best friend for your “romantic date for two” without notifying you. The whole evening you stare at her back while they are discussing a new Chanel collection. You are flattered to see her pretty face asking you to pass the salt or buy more “Cosmopolitans”.

Is drunk as a skunk before saying “Hi” to all the guests.
Is on a diet for a year and all this time steals your fries and nuggets in addition to the low-calorie salad.

On the first day is very eager to tell about her ex having broken her nose or another boyfriend who left her outside in an underwear in winter, and her first love who burnt her house.

Always holds and types on her phone, even while having sex. Takes selfies in the toilets, at the grocery and even near a garbage bin. While walking every 5-10 minutes you hear “Take a photo like I do not see that you want to take a picture”.

Thinks that the best way to earn your best friend’s trust is while sitting in his lap compliment his biceps explaining that he is not a stranger and it is a perfect way to get closer and know more about each other.

Cries after sex or even during it with no particular reason. Having been asked what was wrong, a weeping turns into a lament.

Never calls first. Answers yours once in a blue moon with no specific explanations, excuses or apologies.

Does not know any other adjectives except ‘cool’, ‘fine’ or ‘cute’, any other writers except Stephanie Mayer and no drinks except a fatless latte. To say nothing about Vincent van Gough, Rolling Stones and Jorge Orwell.


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