In my study and research I’ve found that people have made many myths related to SAP Certification. In this blog I am trying to prove the myths and can affirm that they are merely the myths. Many people had already talked about this topic but these are my views and thought and for any contradicting view you all are warm welcomed.

  • SAP Certification will bestow you with definite job assurance

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Till date, most of the individuals suppose that passing a SAP Online Certification will offer them a guaranteed job. I know, during the last few years SAP Certification has helped a whole lot of individuals, to achieve success in their life and esteemed their dreams.  But this doesn’t mean it will give an assured job to everyone who has passed. Concluding this, personally I would like to suggest all those who are going for SAP Certification to have the domain skill in a specific functional area. In starting days, many people attain a job with SAP Certification, but now those existences are gone, because the certified candidates are increasing day by day and organizations are looking forward for mature and experienced individual rather than just a certification holder. So if you are thinking that SAP certification will assure you a job, then rethink about it.

  • If you want a job in SAP field, then SAP Certification is must.

This is another myth I’ve come across in my research. There are many individuals in the market, who doesn’t have SAP certificates still earning better than certified individuals. Hence, certification is not a necessitate thing to obtain a job.  Yes, but certification makes a difference in the case, if two people get selected with same skills and education, in this situation Certification can provide you a periphery. With all this, I don’t have any intension to say that certified individuals are bungling.

  • Through SAP Certification- you will thrive in an interview.

SAP Online Course is structured in a systematic way and helps the individual to gain good elementary skill about the concept. This systematic and planned study help the entity to pass SAP Certification, but this doesn’t mean it will assure you to thrive in an interview. Every company has set diverse parameters to check your overall skills. Certification will definitely aid you in explaining the basic concepts but it’s not necessary that it may summon all the anticipation of an interview. So, keep this thing out of your mind that only through certification you will succeed in interview.

  • SAP Certification will offer you “high-paying” occupations.

Another misconception I’ve found is people think that after completing their certification program they will get high paid job instantly. But the truth is now-a-days there are many certified entity that even failed to make an entrance into SAP field. The competition is getting higher and higher with every other day. The main reason for this is that, many people have viewed SAP as a 25 days course. They believed that in 25 days they would be the master of everything. It’s really tough to make an entry in the SAP consultation field, only the lucky ones gets a chance. So if you are amongst the one who believe in instant “high-paying” job, it’s better to come out of your dream world.

  • SAP Certification helps you in starting doing Contract Jobs

There are some entities who think that with a Certification they may start doing contract jobs. Contracting jobs are comparably profitable and demanding to the permanent jobs. With this I’m definitely not trying to undignified the significance of the Permanent jobs. Many entity live with the expectation that just by finishing the SAP Certification, they can jump in into Contract jobs. But, the things forever will not toil in that way. The contract jobs need high caliber and talent to do the chore. So you need to be prominently talented. As no certification will aid in delivering the result within the deadline, only your talent and skill will help.

So now while ending, I hope you all must be clear about some myth related to Certification. So, if you have any conflicting view than please share it with me in the below comments. SAP education is boom now in market. People having good about SAP get good salaries package also. So, SAP is good course after Engineering or MBA. After SAP course your career set in growing field also.

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