Building Future in the Desert

Building Future in the Desert

Jobs in Saudi Arabia


Works in Saudi Arabia is making noise in the global job market for the right reasons. The country has pulled up its socks to create innumerable employment opportunities for domestic workers and the expats. The following article sheds light on the job scenario in Saudi Arabia business and what future holds.

Saudi Arabia businessThe current employment scenario is stable around the world and job seekers are relieved to hear this. The Asian and the gulf countries are showing good opportunities in the employment sector and are inviting the deserving candidates to work with the renowned organizations. The employment sector is bound to changes and it keeps rotating with the change in the economy. There were times when the recession caused a major downfall in the employment sector; however jobs in various industries have revived themselves whereas some were forced to shut down. Gulf countries have been recognized as one of the leaders in creating the employment opportunities for the deserving candidates and therefore, one can effortlessly notice people migrating from several countries to hunt for an ideal job.

Saudi Arabia is the largest state in the western Asia which draws maximum number of job seekers. The migrants from different countries step into Saudi Arabia with an aim to boost their career and to raise their standard of living. Saudi Arabia, originally known as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is majorly known for its Oil reserves and thus creates the maximum employment opportunities in the same. The second largest state in the Arab has the world’s largest Oil reserves though the Arab state has also created a niche in the tourism and the hospitality sector.

The Current Employment Scenario

Every country or state has its own share of ups and downs in the job market and Saudi Arabia is a country that has witnessed several rotations in the employment sector. According to a survey, Saudi Arabia offers far more decent jobs for the people globally. The kingdom has the lowest unemployment rate which ultimately draws huge amount of job seekers. The job sector in the country has become resilient to the recession and promises a healthy career in various sectors like real estate, oil reserves, hospitality, information technology, retail and entertainment. One can also step into creative fields like journalism, animation, ticketing, and data entry jobs among few others.

The competition in the Saudi Arabia market has given birth to several private sector organizations that are constantly on the hunt for people who can serve them with a right attitude, skills in order to have an advantage over others. There are several other reasons why job seekers are migrating to Saudi Arabia like people get lucrative job offers, their lifestyle improves for the better, and they get to witness a different atmosphere. The kingdom hosts job seekers from around the world and the numbers of aspiring professionals are certainly increasing every year. The official reports of employment sector say that the percentage of unemployment was 10 percent in the year 2010 and in this year it has unquestionably decreased to levels where one can easily hunt for jobs in their respective sectors.

There is plethora of job opportunities in the country if you are eligible in terms of expertise and experience. Large numbers of expats in Saudi Arabia are engaged in engineering jobs, (especially in the oil industry), IT, healthcare and medicine, banking and financial institutions among others. The recruitment for the managerial positions is done by the private consultants or agents that are hired by the Saudi Arabia employers. Those interested in working in the country can also contact their country’s chamber of commerce.

There are certain labor laws in Saudi Arabia which needs to be strictly followed by the job seekers in order to survive in the kingdom. The labor laws have been customized recently with an intention to give better job prospective to the citizens of Saudi Arabia. The labor laws throw lights on the protecting the rights of the employees and the employers. The law also throws light on the economic stability with an intention to elevate the economy with the help of private and government organizations. Saudi Arabia’s Nitaqat Law is one such labor law that has proven beneficial for the citizens and aims to create more employment opportunities for the aspiring professionals. The law has given more attention to the domestic workers.

What Future Holds?

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has pulled up its socks to elevate the job market and create innumerable employment opportunities. The private ad the government sector will be focusing on creating 40 million jobs by 2020 where the private sector will contribute 60 percent to completely eradicate the unemployment in the country. If one is planning to work in Saudi Arabia, then everything must be set right in the very first time.

As of now, the Job market has taken work permits, business culture and financial benefits into limelight. Saudi Arabia is the global leader in the Oil reserves; however the country now aims to be a powerful industrial kingdom beyond Oil reserves. Jobs in sectors like power generation, telecommunications, natural gas exploration, and the petrochemical industry have successfully allured the citizens and the expats and is expected create the maximum jobs in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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