How Does The Digital Era Affect Your Child’s Life?


There’s most likely that the digital era is digging in for the long haul. Not just are we captivated with the capability to send and accept qualified data through different digital mediums; even our children are equally smart enough to do same. Now and again, an excessive amount of thus, as I catch more parents are crying over the way that they’re unable to recover their ipad or smart phone from their toddler who is either on the web surfing, viewing movies, videos or playing games to pass their time rather than going out and playing outdoor games. Kids going to Nursery Schools in Pune and other cities have been observed in India.

Everything in this world as two sides a good and a bad one. It’s the same with this digital era.  It is one of the key factors which is going to be responsible for the shaping the human future. The Few areas where it will affect children are

Patience: It is difficult for us as an adult to wait for few seconds when a website or a page is loading. With children having more and more access to internet every day, their tolerance and patience level is decreasing evidently. Patience being the important in one’s life, in this new digitalized super-fast world, it’s one that is progressively gone missing.

Wrong Exposure: One click on a wrong link and you know what you child will be exposed to. With such content being so easily available all over the internet, it is important for you as a parent to have proper parental controls and restrictions set.

SMS Language (shortcuts): With the constant use of smart phones kids are now exposed to new language; the SMS Language. Chatting, text messaging and other online shortcuts to communicate have affected and contributed to the wrong use of grammar and inability for the kids to spell words correctly. Children are now more used to typing and rely on digital mediums rather than the basic writing skills. It has become very essential for teachers and parents to get this basic educational skills right.

Easy Ways of Communicating online: Neither man nor woman can debate that the advancement of the Internet brought forth an entire new level of communication amongst the new generation. Beginning with straightforward internet entertainment and amusing games that are designed especially for every age separately, they are even advanced levels. These games extend to international platforms, increasing the competition level and interactivity among children all over the world. There are more choices than before for kids in this digitalized era.

Easy Education: Information has never been so easily available before. Previously there were libraries, special educational centres for every subject. Those are the days far gone away, now just a click and a search box is enough for you to get all the information you want.

Children having problems in English grammar, maths or is unable to remember a chapter have to just put up their queries on search and will find help from so many people in many areas. In a few occurrences, obsolete fashioned mentoring has been disposed of or completely reduced by folks searching for instructive support for their youngsters – on the web. The occurrence of detailed data that can be discovered digitally has made studying – and educating – a ton simpler for both folks and their kids.

Endless Opportunities: The world is no longer big and places are no longer far. Digitalization has made our world a very small place. One can view pictures and videos of places at the other side of the globe. Make friends and communicate with them easily, they can stay in touch; distances are no longer a problem. Looking for opportunities is just a click away. Your child has everything available at the touch of his fingers. The world is his oyster.


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