The Importance of Education in Our Life

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Why Education plays important role in Our Life


As we know that Education is the most powerful tool that can change the whole world. It is as important as our single breath for the existence of our life. Education can be defined as the process of making smoother learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, gains, beliefs, and habits. Better education is mandatory for all to go ahead in the life and achieve success. It develops and improves confidence and helps in building the personality of a person.

School education plays important role in each and everyone’s life. The whole education has divided into three divisions such as the primary, secondary and the Higher Secondary education. All the divisions of education have their own significance and benefits. Primary education is the foundation which helps throughout the life to achieve success, secondary education gives the path for further study and higher secondary education gives the ultimate path of the future and whole life. Our way of being educated determine that which type of person we would be in the future.

In this competitive world, it is essential for all to have better education. The importance of higher education is increasing day by day in getting a good job and higher position. Proper education gives many ways to go ahead in the future. It makes us mentally strong, socially high and intellectually strong by increasing our knowledge level, technical skills and to get good position in the job.

Importance of Education

Right from our childhood everyone has their own dream of doing something different in the life. Sometimes parents dream about their kids to become a Doctor, Civil service officer, engineer and other high level jobs. Any way every parents dream about their children to be in a good position. There is only one way to make all dreams true that is to give proper education. Students who have talents in other areas like sports, games, dance, music, and etc. can continue their further study together with their skill in order to have degree, knowledge and confidence.


Education plays a supreme role in this modern technological era. Now-a-days, there are many techniques to inflate the education level. The whole standards of education have been changed now. We can now study through the distance learning programs after the higher secondary education together with the job. Education is not so expensive, anyone one with less money may also study continuously. Also Governments are here to help people to get educated by providing scholarships, loans and all necessities to become graduated. We can get admission in the big and popular universities with less fee through the distance learning program. Also the small training institutes are providing education to improve the skill level in particular field.


Present day education system is fully competent to remove the social issues of illiteracy and inequality among people of different religion, race, caste and creed. Education expands the people’s minds to a great level and helps in removing all the disparity in the society. It makes us able to become best learner and understand each and every aspect of life. It provides ability to follow all the social rights, human rights, duties and responsibilities towards the country.



Home is the first destination of our education and parents are our first teacher in case of everyone’s life. In our childhood, we get first intuition of education from our home particularly form our mother. Our parents make us aware about the importance of good education in the life. We become a well-educated individual in the life by the attempt of our parents and teachers. They are the real well wishers of us who helps us in leading our life towards success and make us standalone in our own legs. Thus the function of education is to teach one to think inadequately and to think critically. However everyone may find the roots of education to be bitter, but as always the fruit is sweet.


Education is important in life because it gives us the skills and devices we need to navigate the world. Without education, we would not be able to read, write or communicate. Also we would also not be able to conduct jobs expertly, accurately and safely. Education also teaches us about the world in which we live, including the information about history, philosophy and the culture. At its most basic level, education is important because it gives the baseline skills to survive as adults in the world.

However, many people believe that education is important in life for reasons beyond basic survival skills. Also we know that education is essential to good citizenship and that education is essential to life because it empower people to contribute to their community and their country. Others believe education is crucial because it helps to answer life’s biggest questions, including questions of how to exist, service and love. Still others believe that education is important because it teaches people about the world around them.

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