Sometimes our secret place is interrupted by forces beyond our control. Emergencies happen. And
sometimes the day’s agenda demands we depart in order to fulfill a commitment in our calendar—like

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going to work.
Occasionally we feel like, “I’m not finished yet! Lord, I want more time with You! I am definitely
going to come back to this same place with You before this day is over. I need to pick up where we’re
leaving off and finish my business with You.”
The Lord understands when the demands of life pull us away from the secret place. He is not
condemning or displeased. In fact, He loves to behold the sincerity of your heart when you honestly wish
you could take longer in His presence.


It’s the matter of “finishing” your time with God before moving on to the affairs of the day.
Each visit to the secret place is an event in itself. Many have understood the need to “break
through”—to keep pressing in until you cross a threshold in your own spirit, until you find freedom in
your heart and a connectedness in your spirit. We’ve known there is a “warm-up” time, and then there is a
time of intimacy and interaction. However, we haven’t always understood that the
secret place is not always complete without the proper finish and full
completion of what God intends. It’s easy to leave before God’s done with you.

One of the secrets of the secret place is staying with it until you’re finished. The way you know
you’re finished can feel differently every day, but I would suggest that the decision of when the
time is finished is not primarily yours but God’s. Let God decide when it’s over.
Give Him the honor of dismissing you.

Solomon gave us these wise words, “Do not be hasty to go from his [the king’s] presence”
(Ecclesiastes 8:3). If it’s true of earthly kings, then it’s even more relevant for those who draw near to the
presence of the King of kings. Having come into His presence boldly through the blood of Christ, let us
not be hasty to leave.


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