Top 10 Things to Do in Minneapolis

Top 10 Things to Do in Minneapolis

With plenty of amazing venues, delicious and hearty food, and cultural heritage of Minneapolis, it is hard for someone to not like Minneapolis and gets attracted by it. There are many outdoor activities to try out in the winter and summer months. During the summertime, The Twin Cities has so much to offer to its visitors. With beautiful lakes, bike trails, think of your weekend indulging in a creative itinerary. There is something for every kind of budget, so just get ready to explore the best of Minneapolis. Some of the top things to do are listed as under:

Hiking to Minnehaha Falls: The Minnehaha Falls is a gorgeous 53 ft tall waterfall set against the backdrop of Minnehaha Park. It is one of the most popular parks to visit in Minneapolis and looks splendid during winters when the fall freezes to sheer ice. To catch a glimpse of the trail leaving the city, hike downwards towards the stream, passing wildflowers and woods joining the Mississippi River. 

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  1. A day in Uptown Minneapolis

Uptown Minneapolis is known for its cool stores and chic alleys for kids and professionals alike. Trendy bars, restaurants, and cafes stock up the streets on the upheaval of Hennepin Avenue and Lake Street, which is the heart of Uptown Minneapolis. If you are interested in people-watching, then grab a coffee from any of the local coffee shops and spend some leisure hours there. Uptown Minneapolis is just some blocks from Lake Calhoun, where people can be seen basking in the sun during the summer season. 

  1. Have a juicy Lucy burger

One of the best contributions to Minneapolis is the Juicy Lucy Burger, which is a cheeseburger made with cheese given in the middle of the meat. The cheese as put between meat becomes super-hot as the burgers get cooked, so save yourself from scalding your mouth when you try one of these burgers. The Juicy Lucy burger came into the picture in the 1950s when it was founded by Matt’s bar or 5 to 8 Club, both situated in South Minneapolis. Both bars have a rivalry even today regarding who creates the mouthwatering Juicy Lucy Burger. The meat lovers need to taste both burgers to choose who to pass on the winning legacy.

  1. Mill City museum

The Mill City Museum was first a timber processing factory, which then went on to become the largest mill producing factory in the 19s and 20th centuries. The mill flours have not stopped functioning in the present times, but you can get glimpses of that time at the Mill City Museum. The Mill City Museum operated as General Mill that caught fire so many times while in its work life. After the mill was abandoned, the catastrophic fire damaged many parts of the mill. Later, the museum was built in the ruins of the General Museum. It is one of the best museums to explore while in Minneapolis. 

  1. Admiring Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

The Minneapolis Structure garden is designed in the form of a park where admission is free and located near Downtown Minneapolis. The Sculpture Garden has many colossal of artworks. It also has Spoonbridge and Cherry Sculpture who are known as the unofficial icon of Minneapolis. One can capture great photographs at this amazing park. Delta Airlines Reservations provide guides and exploring tips on what to see in Minneapolis. 

  1. Class at Norseman Distillery

Sitting and enjoying a cocktail is so relaxing, but making the same cocktail at home is so much better. The classics and process of making cocktails are taught at the Norseman Distillery. The experts of Norseman Distillery take classes to teach the secrets of their cocktails at the Cocktail Lab held each month. The sessions are special to those wanting to learn cocktails as the classes come with recipe cards, hands-on instructions on how to prepare, and three different tastings in the class. 

  1. Interacting with animals at Como Zoo

The Como Zoo has precisely every animal that you can think of! From Anacondas to giraffes, this park is an amazement to animal lovers. Special programs are held at the zoo, providing Penguin meet and greet sessions. It also provides Creepy Creature Confessions, where you will get a chance to meet any creepy creatures present in the zoo. The Como Zoo is spread across 2 acres of land, with almost 700 different plants found here. There is no admission fee required to enter the park. 

  1. Music at First Venue

First Venue is considered to be an icon in Minneapolis, which was converted into a live music venue in 1970. The makes added a stage, sound system, and the whole area was painted in black. The place hosted amazing music concerts with Prince playing music here during his early days. One can hear all kinds of music performances here from rock, pop to Indie music. The emerging musicians play the first two nights at First Avenue and play a concert in any larger venue. Some talents that came and honored the stage are Tina Turner, The Black-Eyed Peas, Cheap Trick, Phish, etc. 

  1. Visit the Mall of America

The Mall of America a definite visit as it is one of the biggest malls that are there in the world. The mall has many retail shops, including a theme park, restaurant, aquarium, movie theatre, and a wedding chapel. It hosts several events with all the celebrities. Many people come here to the mall to avoid the cold during the winter season. The mall has no sales tax on clothing, so people from different countries can be seen picking up their favorites in bulk while going home.

  1. A game at Target Field

There can be nothing exciting than attending a baseball game while in America during the summer months. You get a chance to cheer the players by munching on some traditional sports treats. Target Field gives opportunities to visitors to cheer their favorite teams. Catch a game to see the winning franchise and learn about the history of Minneapolis in between. 

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