Top 10 tips for Online Reputation Management

Top 10 tips for Online Reputation Management
Running a business is a tough job but maintaining its reputation is even harder. Especially in an era where everything happens on the drop of a click, online reputation cannot be ignored. Even before people chose to get into business with you, they will usually ‘Google’ your business name to know where you stand on the online front.
Online Reputation Management 
Online Reputation Management 
While such a form of judgement might be easy for consumers, it can actually bring nightmares to the businesses. Remember, a tarnished reputation will only aid you in loosing partners, sales, customers and employees. Check out the following tips by an expert from a leading reputation management company for your business.

10. Buy Domains that contain your Business Name

If you already have notorious online fame to your credit, the best quick remedy is to buy many domains which have your business name integrated into them. Google places prominence on the name in the URL. Therefore, all of these sites will rank easily and will also aid in pushing down any earlier negative customer reviews.

9. Upload Photos and optimize them

When people want to do business with you, they are willing to see you too. Therefore, you must add photographs of your business, employees and yourself on your website and other social networking sites. Use keywords to caption the photos and grab higher ranking.

8. Think before posting anything online

Yes, you must be aware of what is being posted on your website or social network. Consider every information carefully from various perspectives. Make sure no part of it is hurting or violating any section of your clout.

7. Focus on Search engine optimization

SEO is the lifeline of any online reputation management company. Simply use right keywords in meaningful content, target the local market and your online existence will grow. Ensure that all your websites, social media networks and blogs are optimized.

6. Join Forums relating to your Industry

There are a vast number of forums for every industry online. Find the ones that are related to your business and have been rated higher. Join them, participate actively and regularly. Also try including links to your website in your signatures.

5. Get a Social Grip

Social Networking is another vital element based on which Google judges your SEO. Join leading networking sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc. and interact with your customers and followers on a regular basis in order to build credibility over the time.

4. Issue Press Releases

Press releases grab the search engine rankings more quickly than other content. But as they are dated, you must issue them on a daily basis to maintain the rankings.

3. Exercise Blogging

SEO algorithms have been changing at the drop of a hat. But one thing that has remained constant and is likely to be so in coming time is the high quality content. Meaningful, Unique and informative content has always acted as bait for trapping higher search engine rankings. The best way to achieve this is to start a blog and publish quality content at a continuous pace, without any breaks.

2. Respond to Negative Reviews

One common mistake committed by most business owners is to completely ignore the negative online reviews or bad press. Keep in mind, this will only worsen the situation.
The same websites that help customers to review your business negatively, also welcome the say of businesses on the same. Respond proactively, talk politely, accept your mistake or term it as a rumor and welcome the customer back to join your services.

1. Google Yourself

The best and prior step you can take for your online reputation management is to know where your business stands in the online world. Google yourself or your business name and carefully analyzes the results that follow.
Check for rankings, good or bad reviews and then take suitable steps as listed above to cover up for the same and simultaneously boost your online reputation.

Author Bio:
Nevil is the director and CEO of an online reputation management company for 5 years at . He has worked with some of the top notch businesses and leading sites.
Holding a degree in Public Relations and Communications, he is well-versed with the latest techniques in the SEO market. His other interests include music, soccer and gardening.


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